Friday, April 25, 2008

Forgot some things .. plus some new things

This is what happens once you've gotten some sleep and aren't rushed to remember everything that happened in the past four/five hours. I wrote some things down after I turned off the computer. Then I wrote some more things down when I was at work.

Last Night's Game
Kids taking the field
In the beginning of every game, there are nine youngsters who take the field with the Dodgers, each one gets a personally autographed baseball. Russell had a really little kid ... who ran right past him. It looked like Russell had to call out to him. It was so cute. The kid was really little and super cute. The kid Loney had stood at first base for a little bit after his ball got signed. It looked like he wasn't sure where to go from there. Again, super cute.

The Bullpen Deer
Nina pointed out the deer to me. She was looking through the binoculars to see who was warming up in the bullpen. That's when she noticed the deer.

Russell Pregame Stuff
I was watching Russell in the dug out before the game started. First, I saw him with Billingsley. Billingsley was sitting down and his head was bowed. Russell was standing, but he bent over with his head bowed for a little bit. After a few seconds, Russ stood up and they bumped fists. I guess that's what you call it. Then he sat down. Mariano Duncan came over, and they did this funny pregame dance thing I guess. There's no way to describe it. Wish I could've videoed it, but my zoom isn't that great. And I didn't get that many photos because the pizza (or was it peanut) man decided to walk in front of me and block my view.

"Wacky game"
Yes, Vin Scully called it right. It certainly was a wacky game, with Furcal getting bonked in the back of the head in the midst of being caught in a run down. And then there was the wild pitch by Proctor that the batter swung at. It was also the same pitch that gave the D-backs the lead I believe.

Kiss Cam
Everyone loves the kiss cam, right? Except for the second or third pair they zeroed in on. The guy hid behind his blanket. The camera went back to them again a few pairs later. The guy hid under his blanket this time. Third time's the charm, right? Nope. He was still hiding.

Post-Game Dodger Talk
They talked about two things most of the night: Kent's ejection, and Jones. They also commented on how two of the callers they had were women, and both talked about how they didn't like it when Jones gets booed. I'm of two minds on that. But I'll keep my fingers quiet for now.

Tonight's Game
Charlie and Rick just mentioned that Jason Schmidt threw 70 pitches in a simulated game today. Looks like there may be a rehab assignment in the crystal ball. Who knows when.

10:00 PM Andre Ethier just got hit by a pitch. AGAIN. This is the third game in a row where he's been hit by a pitch. Wonder if he feels like a target, like Lowe last Friday against the Braves (Lowe got hit by three comebackers in that game).

10:01 Andre and Russ advance on a balk (second and third respectively). Sweet. Runners in scoring position. Rats. Two outs, Pierre in the batter's box. Sweeney in the on-deck circle. Wade warming up in the bullpen.

10:15 Cory Wade throws a wild pitch, allowing Tulowitzki to score. It's the fifth wild pitch of the game. Three by Colorado's Jimenez, one by Kuroda, and one by Wade. Loney's been hit by a pitch. And So has Ethier. Who's next?

10:51 Nomar made a dive. They're speculating if he's hurt. Who's on third??? Hu's at second ... Blake's been sent down ... uh oh...

10:54 RUSSELL TAKES THE FIELD AT THIRD BASE!!! Gary Bennett takes his place behind home. First pitch passes through Bennett's legs and allows the tying run to score. Great. Blown save. No one left on the bench. Hey, Penny might get to pinch hit! Let's see ... who's left in the bullpen? Proctor. Beimel. Kuo. Park. Then of course ... you've got your starters.

11:12 Furcal gets thrown out at second. End of ninth inning. Extra innings. No one left on the bench. Kemp came in early when Jones fouled a ball off and it hit his knee. Hu replaced Kent. Young pinch hit. Sweeney pinch hit. Nomar gets hurt and Bennett comes in. All we got left are pitchers.

Charlie Steiner kept saying Kent was up to bat third in the bottom of the tenth inning. I'm like ... Kent started the game. He can't pinch hit. He just corrected himself.

Middle of hte 11th inning. Our hottest hitters are coming up: Loney, Martin, Ethier. Come on boys!

I had hoped to get to bed early tonight. So much for that.

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