Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forgot some things from last night's game

The one good ting about Sherisse running late yesterday was ... while I was waiting for her, I realized I dropped cheese on my shirt. Not like a slice of cheese. Melted cheese. Melted cheese that hardened. So, I had to go back home and change my shirt. No big deal. We live like four blocks away from each other. I could've parked my car on her street, walked home, changed my shirt, and walked back to her house.

Sherisse got up to get garlic fries, must've been around the fourth inning or so. When she came back in the sixth inning, she noticed there were two people sitting to my right who weren't there when she left. In fact, they arrived some time during the fifth inning. What time did they leave? Right after the seventh inning stretch of course. When else would they leave? Hmmm how about when the game ended? Sure, they already missed all the action ... like four runs in the first, two more in the second.

Oh yeah ... the guy behind us bought a bag of peanuts. Guess the peanuts man threw the bag to him. He caught it ... okay half of it I guess. The other half? Well, the bag broke and I felt several peanuts fall on my back and saw some landed in my purse. Gave some to Sherisse of course because I don't care for peanuts

And here's probably Sherisse's favorite part of the night. When we finally got to my car, there was this guy dancing in the parking lot next to his car. What kind of dancing? Like techno/robot move dancing. He was wearing a muscle shirt, and trust me when I tell you it wasn't that hot outside. One person made this passing comment: either he's drunk or horny.

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