Monday, April 28, 2008

This is for you Randy!

Dave Grohl singing the acoustic version. Not the greatest quality. But I like this version better.

Here's the whole band.

Funniest thing was ... I heard the acoustic version by Dave Grohl at work all the time. It was on one of the CD mixes. Didn't know it was Dave Grohl. Didn't know it was an acoustic version of the Foo Fighters song. Didn't know Dave Grohl was the lead singer for the Foo Fighters. Why the sudden interest? I googled the song and got both the full band and acoustic copies of it. Why? Because Randy Wolf is a big Foo Fighters fan. He mentions it in his interview with Scott and BR. This is for you Randy! BTW ... Scott and BR (and Boomer) ... when are you going to have Randy on your show again?? Come on. After his nearly no-hit bit and his great first couple of outings (except for the last one)... WE WANT RANDY!!!

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