Sunday, April 27, 2008

What do you expect?

Another crazy game to end a crazy week.

First inning. Rockies take the lead with a 2-run homer. How do the Dodgers respond? With a homer of their on in the bottom of the first inning. Not just ANY homer. A grand slam. A GRAND SLAM!

What a crazy game tonight's was. I knew we should've gotten tickets. But it was fun to watch this one on TV and hear Vin throughout the whole thing. Bottom of the first inning. Not only do the Dodgers go through the lineup ... they also go through the first four batters of the lineup again. That's thirteen batters in the bottom of the first inning. All nine Dodger starters came home to score. Pierre was the only one who scored twice in the first inning. He singled in his first at-bat, and got hit in his second at-bat. Wonder if Ethier sympathized with him. After all, Ethier did get drilled like in the last two or three games. He didn't play at all today.

When the bases were loaded the first time, "grand slam" didn't come to mind. DeWitt singled home a pair. When Penny got a hit, I was like, "that's PENNY!" He is my favorite starter, by the way. In fact, the very first Dodger game I went to, it was the Dodgers versus the Rockies, Penny versus Cook. And guess what? Dodgers beat them 14 - 5, with home runs from Garciaparra, Drew (remember him), and Loney (his first career home run).

Then when they were loaded again ... "grand slam" didn't come to mind. Till it happened. I didn't even hear Vin Scully say:
"Matt Kemp, for those of you who are wondering, he doesn't have a career
grand slam yet..."


"...cancel that YET."

We were too busy screaming our heads off like hysterical women. We couldn't believe it. Funniest thing was, Nina was on the phone when Pierre got hit and she screamed into the phone. As soon as she hung up ... boom. GRAND SLAM. Good thing she still wasn't on the phone. Not sure what Roxie (the person on the other line) would've thought if she heard two girls screaming hysterically. We ran upstairs to get her brother to get him to come down to see this 10-run inning. Loved the body bump Russell and Loney did. Though it looked like Russell was about to fall over. Super cute.

Then comes the first pitch of the fourth inning. 96 mph fastball. Nails the umpire. Nina and I weren't paying attention to the game at the time. I look at the screen and see the umpire lying down on the ground. Russell and Penny looked like they felt really bad about it. Which you see evident on the screen and in reports later on. I was so proud of them when they stuck around to see if he was okay and wanted to help lift him up.

OHHHH Russelll ... “It sounded like he got hit with a Mike Tyson uppercut,” said Martin, who won his first Gold Glove last season. “I was just hoping he was all right. That ball hit him square in the mask. He probably got a concussion. I was just hoping that he was still breathing. I told him `I’m sorry’ a couple of times, but I don’t know if he heard me.”

Okay guys, how are you going to top this one tomorrow? And please ... no more injuries ... to anyone involved.

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