Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another wacky game

11:43 Russell gets walked!

11:47 Nomar has a strained calf muscle. So, who's getting called up and who's getting sent down?

11:48 Russ is thrown out at second. End of eleventh.

11:52 Park gives up a lead-off walk to Helton. Uh oh ... you know what happens with lead off walks. They come back to get you. That's what happened with Saito in the ninth. Holliday just singled, now men on first and second with no outs.

LOl there's a good enough delay from the radiocast to the tv that I can hear what's going to happen in my room (where the radio and computer is), run to my brother's room which is across the hall, and see what happens, even though it already happened.

It's midnight. I want to take a shower, go to bed. BUT not before the game is over.

12:11 AM 379 pitches have been thrown. It is now the bottom of the 13th inning.

12:12 AM Kemp is safely on first on an error by ... Barmas. Park is batting for himself. Guess Torre didn't want Penny or Lowe to pinch-hit ... though I'm sure they wouldn't mind getting to swing the bat.

Believe it or not ... this is the first extra-inning game of the Dodgers this year. If Furcal and Martin were gunned down my Torrealba ... what chances ... never mind. Bennett just lined a single into left. MATT KEMP IS ON THIRD WITH NO ONE OUT!!!! Park out, Bennett on second. Now they're going to intentionally walk Loney to load the bases for RUSSELL MARTIN WHO IS PERFECT TONIGHT!!! HE'S FOUR FOR FOUR WITH TWO WALKS. COME ON RUSSELL!!!! GRAND SLAM BABY!!!


Skittles8798 (12:23:37 AM): YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! DODGERS WIN DODGERS WIN!!!
Skittles8798 (12:23:41 AM): RUSSELL MARTIN IS DA BOMB!!!!
laazngurl29 (12:23:41 AM): lol
Skittles8798 (12:23:47 AM): YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh man. Okay, so it wasn't a grand slam. And it was the only time Russ didn't get on base. BUT HE GOT THE WINNING HIT!!!! Anyone else's heart skip a beat when you saw him and Kemp body slam each other? If it wasn't so late, and my parents already asleep, and if they didn't already think I was crazy ... I would've been jumping up and down. It was funny because Scully, Monday, and Steiner all commented that there was no way they were going to throw out Kemp. Man, I love watching him run. He just needs to be a little more heads up.

Rick Monday just said he hopes someone drives Russell Martin home tonight and tucks him into bed. Now this is the Russell Martin we all know and love. Not only does he gets four hits, two walks, and a sacrifice fly to end the game ... he also moves from behind home plate to play four innings at third. Thankfully the curse of the the third base didn't affect him. And thankfully the curse of the BobbleHead didn't cost us a win. The other three bobblehead giveaways this year are all pitchers. Hopefully we can win those nights too!

Gotta love Vin Scully. "Russell Martin has a phenomenal night ... and he'll have a headache by the time they get through beating on him."

This year really has been a bad start for closers. Not just Saito. The Padres, Rockies, and Brewers are having trouble with their closers too. In fact ... the Rockies and Brewers demoted their respective closers.

Found this on ESPN's conversation thing:
SugarDaddySean (39 minutes ago)
Dodger Tickets: $16
Parking: $15
Dodger Dog and Large Drink: $10
Witnessing Russel Martin play 3rd base: Priceless

I would so love to have been there to see RUSSELL play third base. AMAZING. Actually ... I don't think he got that much action in the hot corner. Someone please tell me that they have pictures of Russell at third base????

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