Saturday, May 05, 2007

Annoying person who doesn't know how to use a computer

Argh, the guy next to me is driving me crazy. Copy and paste, no problem right? Nope. I tell him to hit, control and v. What does he do? Shift v. Again, I tell him, Control, v. He does it. Nothing shows up. I tell him, go back, highlight what you want, hit control c. What does he do? Shift c. I tell him, "control, not shift" once again. Then we go back and I tell him, "okay, now hit control V, no control, not shift." Sigh. I like my seat. I do. It's the very last seat in the first row. I prefer having the last seat. However, I don't like being stuck next to this guy the entire semester. He rarely knows what he's doing. The poor t.a.'s are always getting stuck helping this guy out. Not only are they stuck, so am I. Even the teacher was getting frustrated with him today. One of the t.a.'s would smile and wink cuz she knew I was stuck next to this guy who didn't know what he was doing. I was already done and off in blogging world, adding and changing the pictures on my blog. Hence, the new pictures I have up. For example, I already changed something that the teacher didn't change. When I brought it up to the t.a., she brought it up to the teacher, who thanked me in front of the whole class for pointing that out. LOL too bad no one noticed I spelled the author's name incorrectly in my record, which I caught and changed.

So, show of hands... how many of you noticed the change in the pictures? Most (if not all) of them are pictures I have personally taken of Russell. There are a few my friends took (like the one of me getting a hug from him). Other than that, I changed them all to original photographs by yours truly. This guy, he's always looking at my screen to see what I'm doing. Even when I'm blogging about him. It annoys me that he's always looking over at my screen.

During the break, the t.a. (Molly) commented that she went to a game on Monday, which the Dodgers lost terribly. It was the 9 - 1 defeat after their amazing 17 inning game the day before. I was wearing my Dodgers hat in class, since I hadn't washed my hair yet. I told her, I had gone to the game the next two days, which the Dodgers won, 2 - 1 both times. Another guy (Gordon?) commented that he was going to the game on May 11, for the fireworks night. See, I don't have to go to the fireworks game to see the fireworks. I can just stand in front of my house and see them. Well, since our street has a lot of trees, may across the street from my house. When I was growing up, we lived in a two-story apartment building. And whenever the Dodgers had a fireworks night, all we had to do is go upstairs to the second floor and see them. Mind you, now that I'm older, there are some nights where I would like to go to bed at ten. Then to be awaken half an hour later by the said fireworks show.

How did our boys in blue do today after getting shut out yesterday? They came back with a 6 - 3 victory. It could have been 6 - 1 if the Braves didn't score those two runs in the bottom of the ninth. Oh well. At least we won. And hey, Furcal got out of his slump and hit 3 - 4 today and Betemit (of all people) hit a home run! Hehe I was fortunate enough that my 15 minute break coincided with the last fifteen minutes of the game. So, I was actually able to catch the end of the game. Sweet. Victory.

It was funny, the announcer commented that Russell Martin looked back to see where the baseball went. He thought it went past him, but it was actually in his glove. Reminded me of the time at youth camp last year when I caught a fly ball, but I didn't realize it. I'm not the greatest catcher. Ever since I got hit in the face with a basketball in the first grade, I have this fear of round shapes flying at a fast speed towards me. It's gotten better over the years. Well, during last year's staff vs. high school baseball game ... wouldn't you know it. Standing the middle, a fly ball is coming at me. I stick both my hands up, not wanting to look at the ball. I feel the ball hit my right (gloveless hand) and it goes right into my glove on my left hand. I look around, thinking, "where did it go? where did it go?" My friend Kevin told me later he could totally see my face react. Because I really didn't think I caught it. When I did realize it, boy was I surprised. Then again, the year before that, I did manage to catch the ball as it bounced out of the tree. So I'm not completely hopeless.

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Stacy said...

Linda I love the picture caption "I'm ready when you are" That is a great caption for that picture. You've for sure captured some great pictures.

Don't you just love annoying guys like that!! URGH!