Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day in Major League Baseball


Twelve Dodgers have tentatively agreed to participate in Sunday's Mother's Day awareness for breast cancer event by using pink bats during their game at Dodger Stadium against the Cincinnati Reds.

During games played on Mother's Day, Major League players will wear pink wristbands and pink ribbons will be displayed on player uniforms, as well as those of all on-field personnel. The breast cancer awareness theme will be carried throughout the game, including pink ribbon logos on the bases and commemorative home plates, and pink dugout lineup cards.

Among those Dodgers looking to be involved are Wilson Betemit, Brady Clark, Andre Ethier, Rafael Furcal, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, Mike Lieberthal, Russell Martin, Ramon Martinez, Juan Pierre and Olmedo Saenz.

Select game-used bats, as well as team-autographed bats from every Club, will be auctioned on at a later date, with proceeds benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

More than 200 players have signed up to use a pink bat, which is more than twice the participation in 2006.

I just looked it up ... the pink bats are about $77 on So, what happens when a player breaks his bat on Sunday? Does he get a different pink bat? Or does he go back to his regular bat? Hehe ... anybody hear that there used to be a "tradition" that whenever a bat got broken, certain players on this certain team would yell "lamp" because there was someone on their team (or organization) who would take the pieces and turn them into a lamp? I forgot which team and who it was. I thought that was funny, but cool.


Stacy said...

What time is the game on tomorrow and what station can I catch it on? I would like to watch it, I think that is very cool that they are doing that!

I see you're still alive..hehe

Falling LEAVes said...

The game is on at 1:10 and on Prime or

I have Dish Network and they have Prime and it's always replaying Dodgers' games when it's on Dish