Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rats ... so much for getting through class without...

... getting frustrated with the guy next to me.

We went through the first half of the class without me having to deal with him.

THEN we had to do an in class exercise. Let the headache begin.

Where do we start? How about how to write the author's name in the title field? I kept telling him, first name, then last. What does he type? Last name, comma, first. I tell him, no, it's "Jane Austen," not "Austen, Jane." We go back and forth on this. I tell him, this isn't the 100 field. It doesn't need to be last name, comma, first. This is the 245 field. It's supposed to be first name, last. Then I have to tell him, you misspelled persuasion, Austen, Austin, and who knows how many other words. At one point, Ken, the t.a. came over and stood behind him. He was telling him what mistakes he was doing, repeating himself several times, just as I do. Me? I was sitting there, with my arms crossed, laughing with Ken, as we were telling him what to do and what to correct. Argh.

Maybe my head hurts from the day. Or it could've been when I hit my head against the bookshelf last night. Let's see ... first the library class, then the Dodgers lost against the Cubs, and work was crazy because the public has gone crazy. Did I miss anything?

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