Monday, May 21, 2007

Thought I'd try..

And not post something today. Oh well. Guess not. LOL I just looked on my computer to see when I work, and I find that my schedule isn't written down there! Oops. Good thing I asked Sherisse at work today and know that I don't go in till Wednesday. The thing that I wanted to post was ... when I went to work today, our mall has specific directions you can go in. Most of the time. Most of the time, the lanes are one way. And there are big yellow arrows on the ground to point you in the direction you're supposed to go. This morning, I was going the direction the arrow was pointing and I see this lady in a SUV headed my way. BUT she was going the wrong way. She looks at me, puts her hands up like "what are you doing" as if I was the one going the wrong direction. She waits for me to make room for her to go, and I wait to see if she realized she went the wrong way. Nope. Since I was the smaller car, I had to concede. Unfortunately, this happens ALL the time. People are always going the wrong way. One of the best is there's this one entrance and there's a sign that shows no right turn. Again, it's one of those one way thingies. YET people make a right turn all the time! Argh.

Forgot to write about the weekend. Sherisse and I left around 10:30 to go to Woodlake (near Visalia for those who don't know where that is). We stopped once we got off the Grapevine for gas and food. When we went to Wendy's, I started looking around for my debit card. No where to be found! GULP! We ate our lunch, and decided we wanted Baskin Robbins instead of Starbucks. We drive around, trying to figure out where it is, because there's no sign for it. We found it, went inside. Sherisse ordered her drink, and then I pointed out the sign that says : CASH ONLY. What establishment takes cash only these days? Anyway, we scrounge through our purses for the four bucks and some odd change for her drink. We hit the road. When we get to Woodlake, we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Elderwood. We turned around and found our way back to Woodlake (with a little help from Juan, our GPS guy). While driving down the main street in Woodlake, we're trying to find the park. I told Joel we just passed the fire station and he said, turn left. I ask him, turn left where? He just says, turn left. I look to the left, and sure enough, there the park was! When we get to the park, everyone's quite surprised to see us. We had told Kevin as joke that we weren't coming b/c we were poor and I had forgotten my debit card at home. Guess we should've told him we just got off the grapevine too.

Onto the Bible Bowl. Naturally, they put the two biggest teams up first. It was Richmond versus LA. When we went up, I was sooo nervous. I wanted to cry. That was my initial reaction. I wanted out. I wanted to cry. It was so nerve-wracking. No wonder last year's age limit was 18 and under. After the first time around, the nerves got settled and then got competitive instead. There was a moment when one of the team members on the "bench" hit the buzzer for the person up. We lost by three points. Later, we went up against Woodlake and Sacramento. We lost to Sacramento. There was one question where I had to list three out of five things. I knew all five. But my mind went blank after three. Steve (the emcee) finally told me, "that's okay, you only needed three." He was just goading me on. PHEW. There were a few moments were I reached for the buzzer hesitantly, but then the other team would get it. Another favorite Bible Bowl moment, was when the middle member of the three on the panel started to turn around to talk to his team. But the other team had the group question, so discussion among the other team wasn't allowed. When he started to turn around, the two people sitting on to his left and his right, pushed him in the shoulders to get him to turn back around. Classic. I keep editing this because more things come to mind. My favorite moment? When little Harmony came back (she was looking for Sherisse) and declared loudly, "I'm ba-ack!" Everyone laughed. It was so cute.

Afterwards, Sherisse, Christianne, Heidi, and I went out. We drove through downtown Visalia to see if anything was open that we could go to. We ended up at Marie Calendar's. Heidi ordered this sundae, and when the waitress was bringing it over, Heidi goes, "Is that mine?" It was bigger than she expected. Sherisse and I stayed over at Kayla's. I slept on the floor. When I woke up in the next morning, I must've scooted myself up at least six inches. In the morning, we stopped at Starbucks. We had to go inside since only one of the three of us had cash. Unfortunately, they were really slow. By the time we left, we were late for Sunday school. Brother Ron was teaching and he made a comment about us coming in late. Sherisse told him, shouldn't he be used it it? LOL Actually, considering we don't go to his class very often in L.A. anyway? Also, on the way to Sunday school, I had noticed this white thing floating in the air and wondered what it was. When it landed, it looked like a crane (bird) of some sort! Cool. I wish I could've taken a picture of it. But I didn't have my camera ready and Sherisse was going too fast for me to take it anyway. It was interesting ... halfway through the choir number, I was thinking about this song "Total Praise" that I sang in my college gospel choir group. It was one of my favorites to sing. Next thing I know, the Woodlake choir was singing the second half of that song! What a coinky-dink! For lunch, Sherisse and I joined a bunch of L.A. people at Big Bubba's. Good food. Emery and Harmony stayed with us while their parents ran to the ATM/bank to get some cash. Harmony crawled under the table cause she said she was scared. Emery just sat in the high chair and watched different people try to ride the mechanical bull they have at Big Bubba's. They are such adorable little girls!

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