Friday, May 11, 2007

Is there a hit out there?

Or what! Driving to Carl's Jr. this evening, some car thought the lane we were in could fit two cars or something. I'm right behind Alan getting ready to turn, next thing I know... this car almost hits me as he drives past me ... while sharing the same lane! Good thing it was a pretty big lane. Hehe ... I'm pretty tired now but I'm trying to see if I have enough pictures to send to print. Walgreens has a great deal ... 100+ prints for 15 cents each ... compared to 50 + prints at 19 cents each. The promotion ends the 13th. Seeing as the only available Walgreens is Pasadena and I have class in the morning, I'm gonna try and squeeze this one in. And since I know how close it is ... maybe if I'm not too tired, I may actually try to get up early to pick them up BEFORE class. We'll see about htat. So, who wants to guess how many ellipses did I use in this post? Hehe ... I should do a contest. Winner gets an photo of Russell that I took! How does that sound?

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