Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trying not to get myself killed

Driving home from work, this is a constant battle. When I'm trying to get off the freeway, I'm on the far left lane and have to move over to the right lane, two lanes over. Sometimes it's real easy, especially when there aren't too many cars coming. Then there's moments like today, when there's a jerk in the middle lane who is going too fast for you to go in front of, but not fast enough for you to get behind. AND THEN they're trying to change into the lane you're in ... while you're still in it! What do I do? Slow down and try to change behind them, but then again, they're not going fast enough for me to change. All I can do is wait for them to move ahead of me, hoping they're smart enough to wait to change into my lane once I'm not there. Instead of trying to squish me.

Speaking of squishing... when I got to work this morning, this other jerk was parked crooked in the parking lot. So, instead of trying to find another spot, I pull in next to him anyway. You know how some parking spaces have a box separating spaces? Well, this guy decides to park a foot away from one line, while taking up the entire box on the right side. Leaving me just enough room to pull in, but not be able to get out of my car. I hope that person didn't have a passenger. And if they did, I hope they pulled out so their passenger can get it. Actually, I think I have a new ding on my car. Jerk. Naturally, I couldn't squeeze out of my car, but had to climb out of the passenger seat to get out. There was plenty of "real estate" for this guy to park, but he decides to take over the space next to him as well.

BTW ... I forgot to mention ... boy was it hot on Tuesday night. I think by eleven it was still in the eighties. It was really hot. How close was I to the fires? Probably a good ten or fifteen miles. Just not close enough to see it. During the day, I could see the smoke. But at night ... I'll do a photo blog later. For now, I'll leave you with the picture I took on my front porch around 7:30 as I was headed to prayer meeting. Even though our battle in Griffith Park is over, there's another one on Santa Catalina Island that's going on right now. Last I heard, it was about 500-600 acres. I think Griffith Park was an estimated 800 or so acres burned.

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