Sunday, May 06, 2007

What a day, what a day

First of all, it started off with a staff meeting at eight. During the said staff meeting, Mariam decides to ask about when you start helping a customer, but then get busy to check on customer, and someone else helps them. Who does the sale go to? She said she tries to be fair, but gets mad when people steal her sales. EXCUSE ME?!?!? Didn't she do this to me on Tuesday? First of all, I gave her a chance to help the lady she was helping. She wasn't busy on Tuesday. So what? I didn't intentionally try to steal her sale. I was just trying to help the customer because she certainly wasn't helping her. Besides, in the end, she rang her up under her number anyway. AND on top of that, she TOOK MY sale, which she "thought" was hers. Okay, so we don't work on commission, but still... I was so mad. That was the point I wanted to make, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Well, sorta the same point. Because she was supposed to make up the sale to me. HOW IS A $50 SALE SUPPOSED TO MAKE UP A $250 SALE??? LOL, at least there were some funny points in the meeting. Like when I was spouting statistics on everyone. After the meeting, I was still fuming. And on top of that, I had to come back to work at 4:30 to close with, guess who, Mariam. GRRR.

So, we went to church. Had lunch. Practiced for the Bible Bowl. I left at four so I could get my mocha. While I'm getting my mocha, I see that I have a missed call from work and a voicemail. I go, "oh no. Are they calling to say I don't have to come in?" If only it was that. They were calling to say I was late. Guess what? I wasn't schedule to come in at 4:30. I was supposed to be there at four. Oops. My mistake. It's okay, because we didn't leave till eight anyway. GRRRR. By then, I was so tired. And I had to work with HER the entire time. GRRR


Stacy said...

Sounds like this Mariam gal isn't such a peach to work with. She's got a lot of nerve bringing that up in your "staff meeting". As if others were in the wrong. I hate when that happens!

So I see you caved and now are on the Bible Bowl team. Guess I'll have to take lots of pictures in your absence = )

Stacy said...

Linda whats going on you haven't posted since Sunday, this is so not like you. You must be working a lot lately, or you've just got to many Dodger games you're going to =)

Falling LEAVes said...

actually ... i can't say that I've been going to any games this week ... since they were out of town all week. They were in Atlanta from Friday to Sunday, then Florida from Monday to well ... today! Can't blame the Dodgers there. Yay! My hubby's coming home! j/k