Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's game...

... would've been a good game to watch! Unfortunately I had to close with ... Mariam... grrrr... Not a good night. On top of that, they didn't broadcast it on PRIME as they usually do. Tonight was the one night they broadcast it on KCAL. I like when it's on PRIME because PRIME replays the game the next day. Sure, they cut out innings, but I still get most of the game. And WHAT DID I MISS??? Apparently a lot.

Bottom of the first... bases loaded and Russell hits what they call a "double"... yet he clears the bases and ends up at third. But it's still a double. Hmmm. Anyway, three RBIs with one hit ... sweet.

Bottom of the fifth... Russell is up again and hits his fourth home run of season ... till the umpires get together and decide it went foul. WHAT? I was just thinking as I drove to work this afternoon... "wouldn't it be neat if Russell hit another home run today?" He was robbed! Well, I couldn't see it during the replay but apparently it went foul. So he goes back up to bat and the pitcher almost nails him in the head. Why don't you just rub salt in his wound? He gets walked. Apparently from what I read and heard ... first base coach Mariano Duncan exchanges words with someone from the Brewers side ... things got heated ... Russell had to step in between Duncan and Brewers ... the benches are cleared as the guys get on the field.

Man! WHAT A GAME TO MISS!!! Did anyone by any chance record it? Sadly, Russell got caught stealing for the first time this season. I think AMartinez was saying how most catchers get caught after the first try or steal ... and it took Russell eight steals for him to finally get caught. Even Pierre has been caught several times. Russell is leading the team in runs, RBIs, and average! He's leading the National League catchers in several categories, too. YET he's fourth in the All-Star voting. FOURTH? Come on guys, he's leading the catchers in the National League. How is he fourth? Let's get out there and get him on the All-Star team guys!

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