Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Uhh I guess my day isn't a .5 anymore. It's more like a 1 or 1.5. Yes, Stacy, I just got off work and picked up food and now I am at Daniel's. Work wasn't that great. In fact, it just followed the way the morning has been. I spent an hour in the stock room and only got two boxes of shipment done, instead of three like yesterday. I should've had more done. One of the boxes was half full of shoes, which is pretty easy. BUT it took forever to put them away because there was no room in the shoes. I had to rearrange all the shoes, proceeding to break the nail on my big toe. It didn't matter, but then I saw a little blood peeking out. It wasn't enough to worry about.

What made my day worse was when Mariam accidentally rang one of my sales under hers. I was helping two ladies in the fitting room. You would think the jeans would tip her off. They were from off the floor. YET she still rang her up under hers. She thought this was the lady she grabbed a pair of shoes for. ANYWAY, the lady she did bring the pair of shoes for, I set her up with a fitting room and brought her another two pair of shoes. WELL, she ended up taking some things, plus one of the two pairs that I brought her, not the one Mariam did. And can you guess what Mariam did? She rang it under hers. DID SHE BRING HER THE SHOES SHE BROUGHT OUT FOR HER? DID SHE PUT THINGS IN A FITTING ROOM FOR HER? OOOH I WAS SO MAD. ON TOP OF THAT, MARIAM APOLOGIZED FOR TAKING MY SALE AND WOULD RING ONE UP FOR HER. She should've rung this one. Because it was a big sale and so was the other one. Instead, what did she give me to make up for the sale she took? One lousy shirt that was barely 40/50. The sale she took must've been at least five times as much. GRRRRR.

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Stacy said...

Ok so I've never worked in sales, but I've heard enough about it, to know that something like that is NOT cool! Is there anyway something like that can be reversed??