Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another long day, another game

And what a day has this been! Seven o'clock shift that went till four; Dodger game that started at 7:10 and went till 10:15 (Dodgers win!)

Let's start with the morning. Before I left work yesterday, Tanzania asked me if I'd go in early today. Which is why I was in bed around 10:30 last night. No time for blogging and not much to blog. Just another Monday. Dodgers lost a very painful 4-8 yesterday, Tomko giving up eight runs in the first two innings. Russell didn't play very long. After they put Mike in instead of Russ, I let my brother watch a little of his NBA playoff game. By the time Heroes was over, I was ready for bed. Good thing too, since I had to be at work at seven.

So, this morning, I got up, showered, and headed to Starbucks. Sherisse was already there, so she got my drink for me since a line was forming. Meanwhile, I went to the donut place ... Winchell's... for a croissant. When I had pulled into hte parking lot, immediately I noticed the KTLA news crew. When I was getting my mocha from Sherisse, she had overheard the KTLA guys ask this one guy "do you go to Dodger games?" The guy said he worked for KTLA as a freelancer. Too bad these guys didn't get a look at my car!

Well, work as crazy as usual. I was originally schedule 9 - 2, but agreed to come in at 7. Little did I know, I was going to end up there till four. One of my managers called out sick, and we had to stay a little longer for coverage. By the time I got off work, I didn't know what hurt more: my feet, my back, or my lower left leg. Even now, I don't know what hurts more. When I got to the car, I had a voicemail from Kevin. We were going to another Dodger game today because he won four tickets on Ebay. His parents wanted to leave later, like at six or six-thirty. Then he texted me to say they wanted to leave at seven. Then he left me a voicemail saying they were okay with leaving at five. I was like, "okay, cool. Five is good for me." I look at clock, it's 4:15. "FIVE? WE'RE LEAVING AT FIVE???" That gave me about 45 minutes to drive home, change, and go to Kevin's to pick them up since my car was bigger.

We got to Dodger Stadium around 5:15 and in the field section for batting practice. Kevin missed getting a ball! It bounced off the right field foul post and into the seat RIGHT BEHIND KEVIN! It even hit the back of his foot. I tried to get it, but some guy behind us got to it before we could. Kevin tried to get his glove on it, but couldn't block the other guy from grabbing it. Kevin could've got it if he had used his hand! THEN during the game ... Rafael Furcal hit a foul ball that came sailing right at us! It hit the guy sitting next to JR in the shoulder and bounced into the crowd behind us. In the top of the 8th inning... Andre looked over in our section and threw the ball to us! Too bad it curved to our right instead of going to us, as it looked like it was going to. What can I say?

Dodgers win! Dodgers win! It s tarted off in the bottom of the first inning when the Cardinals pitcher faced all NINE batters in the line up. And it was only the first inning! The Dodgers managed to score three runs and Bases loaded in the bottom of the third and Furcal clears it with a triple! Almost as good as home run. Almost. That put the Dodgers up, 7 - 4. Furcal is hot! I'm glad he's out of his funk... going three consecutive games with four hits. Kyle (Kevin's 3-year-old brother) fell asleep during the top of the second inning and didn't wake up till around the fourth. The game didn't end till after ten, when most games usually end right before ten. I got some great pictures tonight! Gotta say ... right field is much better than left.

Anyone else at the game tonight? Tonight was so different from my previous experiences in that I've never seen so many people get kicked out of the game! There were at least two or three different groups in our section that had to be escorted out, at least one above us in the loge seats, and at least one in the right field pavilion. I know one group of at least eight guys a couple rows behind us were escorted out after they were "chugging" down beer. Or encouraging their friends to "chug! chug! chug!" I think they were the same guys who got caught for trying to blow up a beach ball. JR and Perla went to get food after Kyle woke up from his nap, and saw some guy get "escorted" out. THEN when we were leaving the parking lot, these guys were hanging out of a jeep with the doors open, chanting "Dodgers win!" or "Go Dodgers!" Their friend was driving like a maniac. I was worried they'd hit someone or something. Crazy night tonight.

I'm sure the people around me were just annoyed at me as I was at them. There were these three Cardinal fans in front of us and a row of kids behind us. Before the game started, Kevin "booed" a Card, and the lady turns around and says "I'm not going to boo the Dodgers, so why do you have to boo the Cardinals?" I told Kevin, that's okay, we won't boo at the cards, we'll just cheer louder for the Dodgers. I'm sure they must've loved how we got louder everytime Andre and Russell were up. Then there was this huge group of kids behind us. They made such a mess under my seat with their peanuts. My purse was under my seat and covered with peanuts. I made it known how unhappy with them I was. Later in the game, I think they were making fun of me because a) I cheered a lot and b) I took a lot of pictures. One kid said something like "I'm not going to take your picture because I don't like you" or "know you."

That's the Card fan in front of us.
And Kyle is out.
There's those guys getting "escorted" out. One guy chugged down his beer before he left.
There's that mess those kids made.

These guys were about five rows behind us, one section over. When the people in front of us left, them came and sat there. Then they moved up to the first row, and then moved back to where they are in this picture. The seats they are sitting in when I took the picture cost at LEAST twice as much as the seats they paid for. On top of that, the kid kept saying "let's go cardinals" during our "let's go Dodgers" chant. Dodgers win anyway. There was Dodger personnel sitting nearby, and she let them get away with it. Some other guys tried later in the game (bottom of the 8th) and a different clubhouse worker wouldn't let them. By then, these guys already left. Come on. The score was 9 - 7.

Kyle with my glove on his head! What cutie!

I love being in right field just because that is where Andre is. I will be very sad when Kemp is healthy and back, because then Andre may not get as much playing time. I see on the yahoo sports page for the Dodgers, Kemp isn't on their list anymore.

Bottom of the ninth inning, two down, one more to go.
I may actually have more pictures of Andre this time than I do of Russell! Interesting. Anyone notice how the Dodger seem to have this amazing ability to evade the third out and score runs with two outs on the board? It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens practically at every game I go to at least once during the game.


Stacy said...

Man the clearity on your pictures is AMAZING! Oh if only.... Great shots! You need to get one of the other "view"...you and maybe one of Kevin. It's always of everyone else, never the photographer = )

Falling LEAVes said...

As long as I'm not zooming in too much, the clearity is great. However, getting home plate is a lot grainier. I'm wanting to save up to buy lenses for my camera so I can zoom in even more! As for the other "view"... what view? Lol. Plus, that's what I like about being the photographer ... I'm never in the pics lol unless it's with Russell!!!!