Thursday, May 17, 2007

This week's episode...

... of my library class starts of with the guy next to me typing in "library of congress search" in the address bar instead of Makes me wonder how much about surfing the internet does this guy really know. Or just basic computer things like minimizing and maximizing a window.

Maybe I should've called my mom. She's already called me ten times.

So, in class, we did a couple in class stuff as groups. The first one was to do an authority search. Thankfully, he said I could do it on my computer, so it didn't take long. Then we had to present it to the class. Thankfully we added another person to the group or else I would've done all the work. Then we had to catalog an exercise. Unfortunately, since he was in the middle, he got to do it. You should've heard a very frustrated me.

"Space, colon. Colon, not semi-colon. Hit f9. Okay, backspace. You have too many spaces. Capitalize it. Lower case that. Space. Period. Backspace. BACKSPACE!"