Saturday, May 12, 2007

Great way to start the morning?

You be the judge of that.

I went to bed around two. Why? I spend a good hour or more uploading pics to Walgreens to print out. What happened? About 1:30, my internet connection decided to tell me it was time for me to go to bed because it stopped working. I figured I could go to class the next day and be able to send the order to walgreens and perhaps pick up the prints after class. Wrong. I didn't write down my log in info for Walgreens and was unable to log into Walgreens at school. Guess I'll have to send it when I get home and hope that hte internet at home is working. That way i can pick them up on Saturday and still get the 15 cent promotion.

Guess you can figure out I didn't get up early to go to Pasadena to pick up my prints. But I did get a head start on my morning Starbucks. Good thing too because the barista behind the bar was slow this morning. it took forever for me to get my drink And since I got their crossant last time and didn't like it, there was a Winchells in the same parking lot. So I walked over there and got my croissant. When I went to my car, I spilled a little of my white mocha on my hand. That's when I noticed my mocha was browner than it should be. Tasted it. No wonder. The guy made me a regular mocha. I looked at the order and it said WM... yeah I asked and paid for a white mocha. I weighed my options. Do I go in and get the right drink or just take off? Well, since I paid more for my white mocha, I decided to go in and see. If the line was too long, I was just going to take off. There wasn't a huge line on the bar so I let the guy know he made the wrong drink for me. It didn't take him very long to remake my drink. Now here's the dilemma? I only had 15 minutes to drink one drink. While driving to Pasadena. Usually on Saturday mornings, I have a hard enough time trying to finish off a tall drink!

First thing I hear from the guy next to me? He says he took his flash drive home and couldn't find the bib record on his flash drive at home. First of all, even if he could find it on his flash drive, he can't open the file. He doesn't have the program at home to open it. Only the computers at the library have the program. Secondly, he probably didn't open his flash drive properly. When I told him to open it, he opened the C drive instead of his flash drive. I told him, go to your flash drive. What does he do? Looks in the C drive for his file. I tell him, you're not in the flash drive. I show him where it is and voila! There's the file. How many times do I have to tell the guy? We're searching for series titles, not TITLES. I've told the guy next to me that about three times already and still he's doing the wrong search. HAH. Now he's bothering the person on the other side of him.


Stacy said...

First off you made a great choice in going back on your drink. That has got to be my pet pieve (sp?) about starbucks. As it is 90% of the time you're already in a hurry and or running late, and then when they make your drink wrong that just adds to your problem. So as much as I love WM, I found a new twist to the already DELICIOUS drink. I now get a Coconut/White Mocha....Oh it is so wonderful! Try it sometime, see what you think.

On to your class...I would love to be a fly on the way sometime in your class. It sure sounds like you have real winners in there who know what their doing...tee hehe

On another note, this same time a week from today we'll be at the Bible Bowl in Woodlake! How exciting!

Falling LEAVes said...

too bad I've never been a big fan of coconut. I think the only time I can remember liking coconut is eating it fresh as a kid. And there was this type that came in a can ... plastic one ... that you freeze ... maybe it's just an asian thing.