Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another day, another game

After I got home from school, first thing I did was wash my car. It was a much needed car wash. My windows needed a fresh start, clean slate. The hard part was trying to get the roof of the car clean without falling off the car and breaking my neck. I think we should invest in a step ladder or something. Once the car wash was done, I had to get food for my brother and my dad. Then I headed off to Kevin's for the game. Yup... another Dodger game. This is my third game for the month, fifth for the year, and sixth overall.

Kevin and I got to the Stadium around 4:50. Okay, perhaps not the stadium, but the line leading into the Stadium. It was a much longer line this time. We got in, ate our food (we stopped at Taco Bell before getting there). Okay, Kevin ate his food while he was in line and I ate half my quesadilla before we headed in. We got our baseball hats (it was a free baseball hat promotion night, hence the huge lines to get in), found our seats, and made our way to the front for batting practice. I took some pictures. About 5:30, a baseball rolled up to Joe Beimel, one of the bullpen pitchers. As he was bending down to pick it up, I told Kevin, "KEVIN! CALL JOE! CALL JOE!" Kevin calls out to Joe, who has this quizzical look on his face as he is picking up the ball. It was like, "who's calling me?" kinda look. He picks up the ball, looks over at Kevin, and tosses it to him. My thought at the time: "don't drop it! don't miss!" It was a short throw, so I didn't know if Kevin was gonna get it or not.

We waited to see if we could get another one for me. The guy next to us caught a line drive into our area. He gave it to one of his kids. The kid next to him wanted a ball, too. He got one eventually. But not till the Reds were up to practice. One of the players had a bat and would hit the balls back to the infield. He only threw like one to the field box, hit one to the loge. But he was playing "croquet" with two of them. He hit one to where we were against the wall. The kid leaned over and was reaching for it. So the guy who caught the line drive picked him up and held him by the legs so he could get the ball. There were these three guys by the foul post who must have gotten two or three balls each!

Onto the game... Russell stole his sixth base in the bottom of the second inning. As he was running to third, he had to avoid getting hit by the ball (I think LaRoche was the batter). Bottom of the fourth, two outs... Dodgers score five runs! That was insane. Five runs. Wow. In the bottom of the seventh, Luis hit a triple! His first for the season I think. Josh Hamilton, the Reds outfielder tried to get it, but couldn't, stepped on his glove, and fell! From where I was sitting, it looked like he dove to get it, stepped on his glove, and fell again. Pierre made a great diving catch. It's hard to remember everything hours later. It was during the bottom of the fourth I realized I was still hungry (all I had all day was a croissant, a mocha, and half a quesadilla, plus jelly beans!). I looked in my purse for my wallet. Guess what? I must've left it in the car because it certainly wasn't in my purse. And with five innings left to go!

A little bit later in the game, these ladies came in. The one sitting next to Kevin started talking to him. She asked him if he caught any balls with his glove yet. He told her about Beimel throwing him one. She asked him who his favorite player is. He told her, Andre Ethier. She said, he was hers too. She knew someone who said he was Andre's baseball coach in high school. It was funny because she kept talking to him, like he was her long lost friend or something. I teased him about it later. So did Daniel. About the second or third inning, we had stood up to let some people walk by. That was when I noticed there were peanut shells all over underneath my seat. The jerks behind us couldn't keep their trash to their aisle, but dumped it under my seat. Along with their nachos! Good thing they didn't spill their beer under me. At the bottom of the eighth, everyone in our row started to leave. It started in our section and went two sections over.

Currently, Russell is leading the team in runs batted in, average, runs, doubles, strike-outs (along with Betemit), on-base percentage (excluding Kemp and LaRoche) ; second in hits, walks; one of only four/five players to have hit triples this year. He is a perfect six for six in stolen bases. Pierre may have 14 stolen bases, but he's been caught several times, too.

As for standings... Dodgers are 2.5 games ahead of the second-place D-backs.

I forgot to mention this in my first blog this morning. When I woke up, my back was hurting. Partially because the last thing I dream before waking up was ... I was in the passenger seat of this car. The driver shoots me in the back before shoving me out of the car. Now, this has happened plenty of times before. Usually I dream I get shot or stabbed and when I wake up, the place where I got shot/stabbed usually hurts. Anyway, wanna guess how many times I got off on Stadium Way today? Let's see. 1) coming home from school, 2) after getting food for Billy, 3) going to Dodger game, and 4) coming home after dropping off Kevin. Yesterday. 1) coming home from work. 2) coming home from Pasadena after picking my prints. 3) coming home after dropping off Kevin and Nina.

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Stacy said...

Ok so I didn't get to watch the Dodgers game today because Florin didn't get that chanel on his Dish plan. But we did see an A's game and a few of the players on there were using pink bats, and they all had their big wrist bands on. So there was one bat broke during the corse of the game, and a pink bat at that. So what happens now since it wasn't a "normal" bat?