Friday, May 11, 2007

Still trying not to get killed...

... on the Los Angeles freeways.

After I got off work, I headed over to the Target in Burbank. It's a much bigger Target and better organized. Well, apparently I must've been the target on the road today! When I was in the first lane, I hate being there, because that's when the cars try to merge on the freeway. Or, in this case, the lane is an exit only plus onramp and cars try to get out. Well, this one lady decided to butt her way into my lane. But instead of trying to get in behind me, she thinks she can get in while I was still next to her. A few more inches and she would've sideswiped me. Did she care? No. That was probably her intention.

THEN I got home and saw that my print order was ready at WalGreens. This being the same one in Pasadena that I took forty minutes to find. Instead of waiting to pick them up tomorrow after class, I decide to go today. Getting there wasn't a big deal. Except for the accident on the other side of the 2 freeway. Thankfully by the time I was headed back, it was already cleared up. There must've been an accident further up on the 210. But the 210 gets crowded right before Lake Ave. anyway. Like Grady Little (Dodgers' manager) said... it's where the 134 meets the 210 and it's like there's eight lanes of cars trying to fit on a six lane highway.

After I got my prints, there was no way I was going to fight the 210 traffic. Lake Ave. has the WORST onramp on the 210. There's got to be at least 25 cars in two lanes trying to get onto the freeway on Lake. So, I took the streets to get to the 134. Well, while I was waiting for a red light to turn green, I heard this loud THUNK. The car next to me just got a love tap from the car behind her. Lovely. Since I didn't see it happen, I didn't stick around. I just heard it, turned and saw the car bounce back from bumping into her car.

It took more time to get to WalGreens than it did to pick up the prints. Also, on the way home, I got stuck behind a car going 50 when the speed limit was 65! A tour bus passed us up. I tried to move over, but there were cars in the lane next to me. So, I stayed behind them. Unfortunately, they were getting off on Stadium way, like I was. Wanna guess how many times I'll be getting off Stadium Way today? So far I'm up to twice. And there's at least one more to come!


Stacy said...

So I see you've posted this around 4, the time is now 9:15 how goes the rest of the evening? I hate traffic and accidents....but I guess thats part of life isn't it.

Falling LEAVes said...

Hehe I posted another post about the rest of my evening even before I read this comment. All I got to say .. Dodgers won and someone tried to hit me again!