Monday, January 19, 2009

The Americana

Okay, so tonight we went to the Americana to watch a movie. We parked in the parking lot, saw the movie, and then left. We went to the kiosk to take care of our parking ticket thingy that you get validated to park there. The first machine would take it, then say canceled, and spit the ticket back out. We tried again. Didn't work. So we tried the next machine. It showed "3.00 hours" and "$5". Apparently, it didn't get validated. So, Sherisse took the ticket, my movie ticket, and went back to the movie theater. So, Heidi, Christianne, and I waited for her. We were leaning on the railing and looking at the water fountain. Next thing we know, there's a security guard on the floor level shining his flash light at us. He yells at us to not lean on the railing. So we back off. Then he yells at us to step away from the railing. He yelled some more until he couldn't see us anymore. And, our ticket wasn't the only ticket that wasn't validated. Angelina's wasn't either. Back to the railing ... there was no sign anywhere that said "No leaning on rail" or "Do not pass this line" or anything about going near the rail. So, naturally, we leaned on the rail.

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