Friday, January 23, 2009

You're sending in the Wolf?

Well, I hope so! So, I was curious when I got on my phone onto the MLB webpage and it said the Dodgers were interested in three pitchers. I wondered which three, hoping Ben Sheets would be one of them. Turned out, he wasn't. But guess who is? RANDY WOLF!!!!!!! I was super excited to see that. Then I get home and find out that they're in "talks" with him. I just about fell off my chair.

So, at work today, I came back from my break and one of my coworkers comes and tells me about one of the customers she had just dealt with.I'm not positive what happened, but she told me that she overheard the customer calling our store stupid, our associates stupid, and our manager stupid. Well, if we're so stupid, why does she bother coming in? And no, we're not stupid. Even though we have to deal with these ridiculous people some times.

Anyone catch the most recent episode of "Criminal Minds"? Anyone recognize where they shot the mall scenes? It was hilarious because when I saw the parking lot scene, I thought to myself ... hmmm those buildings look familiar. Wonder where they ... THAT'S THE EAGLE ROCK PLAZA!!!! Sure enough, there was the entrance and Chuck E. Cheese's. Later on, they showed the interior ... yup ... that's Eagle Rock for you. At least they didn't show the Seafood City, Jollibee's, and stuff like that in the mall. Still, it was pretty funny. Wonder when did they film that.

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