Saturday, January 03, 2009

The craziness continues

I forgot to mention that towards the end of my shift ... someone brought it to our attention that the woman's bathroom was out of order. Not only was it out of order, it was flooded. And I mean FLOODED. So, my assistant manager and I spent the next thirty to forty minutes cleaning up the bathroom. It was so gross. It smelled. And there was "water" everywhere. We wore two pairs of latex gloves. It was so gross. We would squeeze the mops into an empty trash can. It was gross. It smelled. It was gross. By the time we finished, my gloves had turned green. It was gross.

So... today... at the end of my shift, these three ladies came in. One of them had a birthday discount. They all wanted to use it and pay with their own card. Unfortunately, only one of them had the birthday discount. It was quite an ordeal. And I had to clock out because my shift was over. The customer with the discount wanted to know where I was going. Even the other two people working were getting irritated by them. The customer told my assistant that she was a in hurry. Twice. So, my assistant told her that she heard her the first time.

And if you haven't noticed yet, I'm trying to see how many days in a row that I can write in my blog.

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