Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My 2009 Mini Plan games

MasterCard Value Plan
WednesdayApril 15San Francisco Giants
MondayMay 4Arizona Diamondbacks
MondayJune 1Arizona Diamondbacks
SaturdayJune 6Philadelphia Phillies
MondayJune 29Colorado Rockies
SundayJuly 19Houston Astros
TuesdayJuly 21Cincinatti Reds
TuesdayAugust 4Milwaukee Brewers
MondayAugust 17St. Louis Cardinals
TuesdaySeptember 1Arizona Diamondbacks
SaturdaySeptember 5San Diego Padres
SaturdayOctober 3Colorado Rockies

Oddly enough, it's different from last year's in that I see one team three times and another team twice. Last year's plan included twelve games and twelve different teams. This year's plan does cover more days. Practically all our games last year were on Mondays. There was only one Saturday game, two Friday games, no Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday games. That I can recall off the top of my head. I like having three Saturday games, and the rest are still mostly Monday games with three Tuesday and one Wednesday games. I'm looking forward to this season. Can't wait till they announce the lineup and locations for this year's caravan.

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