Monday, January 05, 2009

What about me????

So, there's a wedding coming up this weekend. At first, it was decided that none of us were going to go. Of course, no one said anything to me about this. Regardless if I was planning on going or not. Naturally, I had no say in this.

Guess what happens today? Apparently everyone's going to the wedding now. Everyone except for me. Two of them are going with a friend, and everyone else is going with their family. No one asked me if I wanted to go. No one asked me how I would go. No one asked me if I already had a plan. Naturally, of course.

So, this weekend, everyone will be out of town for the wedding.

Except for me.

I'll be at home... doing nothing... since everyone else is going to be out of town.

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Mandy Sue said...

Oh I'm sorry. that stinks! Is this Ligia's wedding you are referring to?