Friday, January 09, 2009

Fog and Pasadena

So... I'm at home updating my Itunes library and my Ipod... and around 11:30 PM (which is now almost three hours ago) I get a text from Kevin. He asks me if I'm still awake. Turns out, he and his friends were in Pasadena still... and needed a ride home. They had been waiting for a bus (that never showed up) for almost two hours. I told him to stay put and that I would come and get them. My jeans were in the dryer, so I left in my pajamas. I didn't realize how foggy it was outside. Since it was so late, I figured it would be safe to take the 110. I never take the 110 because it's so windy. But I figured it'd be okay to take it now. It was really foggy and dark the last half mile. When I get there, I don't see him waiting at Starbucks. Turns out, he was across the street. The fog was nice, though. After I dropped him and his friends off ... I went home to discover a skunk waiting for me in the driveway! It ran off when I pulled it. I took my time getting out of the car. I didn't want to surprise the skunk if it was still out there. As I got closer to the door, I saw the skunk scurrying towards the street. First a raccoon... then oppossums ... now a skunk. What next?

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