Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back Home Alive

So, like I said, on Saturday, I made the trip up to Sacramento and back for Richard and Ligia's wedding. We (Karla, Kevin, and I) left a little before 7 AM to get to Sacramento for the wedding, which was at 2. When we were coming down from the Grapevine, there was this HUGE rolling fog right in front of us. It was crazy. It was awesome. The fog was really thick at first. Then it thinned out. It would get thick and thin for the next hour and a half or so. It didn't clear up till after Fresno. We stopped once for lunch, gas, and coffee (well, only Karla got coffee). We rolled into the church parking lot a little after one. The wedding was beautiful. Alin and his sister-in-law (Abbie) sang "When You Say Nothing At All"; Simon sang "I Will Be Here"; Heidi sang "How Beautiful"; Sam and his wife Alina sang "Answered Prayer". And yes, they are all related to Ligia (they're her siblings unless otherwise mentioned). After the wedding, there was a light reception. Then we did the bouquet and garter tosses. The crowd for the bouquet toss was relatively small. When Ligia tossed the bouquet, it came straight at Sherisse and I. It just fell right through our hands. It hit the ground. I picked it up, and handed it to Julia (one of the little girls) since she was the closest. And I knew she'd give me a rose if I asked her for one. Then it was time for the garter toss. When Richard was getting ready to shoot it off, his new brother-in-law was tell him the correct way to do it. Bryan caught the garter. We then lined up by the church doors to blow bubbles to send off the newlyweds. When they got into the car, they couldn't get it to start at first. It started eventually and they took off. Then one by one, the cars in the parking lot started to go too. We left a little after 4:30. The drive home was quiet. Kevin and Karla both fell asleep after dinner. We were about thirty miles away from dinner and gas when my gas light went on. I looked at the odometer for the next thirty miles, hoping that we would make it to the next gas station. I even slowed down my speed (since I've heard you get better mileage at slower speeds). We drove past a highway patrol cop and I took my foot off the gas to slow down a little. Then I laughed and realized, he's not going to pull me over for speeding ... I was barely going the speed limit to begin with! Believe me, we saw a lot of highway patrol cars that day. At least a dozen going up and maybe half that many going down. We got gas and dinner, which woke me up. Unfortunately, it put my passengers to sleep. What time did we get home? A little after 10:30. I say we made good time.

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