Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maye I should start carrying a little notebook around with me to write down my post ideas. Because during the day, something will happen, and I'll tell myself, "oh, I can write about this when I get home." Then I get home, get on the computer, and forget what happened earlier.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong ... I'll relay a story to you and you be the judge of it.

A customer comes in and asks me, "where is the blue sweater you have on display? The one with a belt." Since I dressed the mannequins, only one sweater comes to mind, and it's a navy belted cardigan. I show it to her. She says, "no, it's blue." Correct me if I'm wrong ... but navy is a shade of blue. And she tells me again, it's blue with a belt. I walk over to the windows to see what is she talking about. Sure enough, there's the navy belted cardigan in one window ... and further down is a blue sweater that has a belt on it. There is a difference, right? The sweater with a belt, and the sweater and a belt. Because one sweater comes WITH a belt, and the other has a belt ON it. She asked me for the sweater WITH a belt.

Onto the Dodgers...
This year's back-up to Russell Martin apparently is going to be ... Brad Ausmus. Let's hope he does better than last year's back up ... what's his name again? You know, the guy who disappeared after he went on the Disabled List in May ... oh yeah ... Gary Bennett. Anyone remember that guy? Well, I liked Danny Ardoin. Sure, his bat didn't do much ... but how many shut outs did the guy catch? At least TWO, I can tell you that much. Maybe more.

Pop quiz... now with the likes of Jeff Kent, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe, Brad Penny, and Olmedo Saenz ... who on the current Dodger roster has been a Dodger the longest? When I asked my friends that, one of my friends replied "Greg Maddux". She thought the way I phrased it that I meant who was the oldest. I had to remind her two things. One, Greg Maddux isn't a Dodger anymore, he's retired. Two, he probably has less than a year of service total in Dodger uniform. Any guesses?

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