Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What an interesting day this has been

We went to Mount Baldy today. It'll probably be the last time for awhile, since the kids go back to school next week. We were supposed to leave earlier, but didn't because I didn't want to get up just yet. I stayed up reading. I've read like four books in the last week. Average number of pages : 300. Average time it took to read a book: 3.5 hours. Anyway, back to the snow.

When we got there, there weren't a lot of people up there. We found out why. Most of the snow had already melted. A lot of rocks were exposed. What snow was left had a frozen layer that made it more like an ice rink. We did a lot of sliding around as we tried to walk across. Nina, Kevin, and Harold went up a little slope and tried to go down it. Harold slipped and fell. On his way down, he ran into Nina. She slipped and fell too. She slid down towards a tree. When she tried to stop herself... she hit some of the rocks with her head... and this is what she got...

It looks worse than the picture. But it's not that bad.

It was funny because we would take two steps forward and then slide a few steps backwards. Harold tried to climb up the mountain, but we made him come back down. On his descent, he started to go really fast. Then he hit a huge bump on the bottom. It was hilarious. I wish I could've taped it. But I wouldn't bring my camera out there since the ground was so slippery.

It was so slippery that we started at one end ... and slid all the way down to the other end. We must've gone somewhere between a quarter to half a mile. It was a ton of fun. There was one spot where there was a big ditch right in front of where we were going to start. Harold and Nina went first. Then I was supposed to go. Instead of going forward, I fell backward into the ditch. It was fun sliding all the way down there ... except for the part where we had to walk all the way back to the car.

On the way home, we stopped at WalMart to see if they had a copy of "The Game of Life - Twist and Turns." David brought it with him when he was here last week. We liked the game a lot. So I went to two different Targets, and neither of them had it. So, we figured we should stop by Walmart on our way home from Mount Baldy. Not only did we find the game we were looking for ... we also found the family edition for Cranium. I also got another Julie Garwood novel. It's not her most recent one, but the one before that. I bought her most recent one just last week. I loved it. "Wait for it. Wait for it."

After WalMart, we went to my house since I had to pick up Billy later. We played Rock Band for a little bit. I wanted to try the new songs I got. Two of them were No Doubt songs. The first song we did was "Just A Girl." I sang, Harold played the guitar, and Kevin was on drums. My level was on medium, and I got 100%. On our way out, Harold was kicking at some leaves that were in the grass. We were going to pick up my brother and we noticed the car smelled funny. Turned out ... when Harold was kicking at the leaves ... he got some doggy poop on the side of his shoe. As soon as I parked, the three of them jumped out of the car. Harold got the poop off his shoe and tried to clean it. Nina put a ton of disinfectant on Harold's shoe. Kevin went to get a bunch of paper towels. He stepped on what he thought was leaves ... turned out he stepped on the poop that Harold scraped off his shoe!

We went back to Nina's and played "Life". We were about halfway through the game when Harold accidentally turned off the game ... forcing us to start over. So, we had dinner before trying to play another one. We ran out of time so we had to end the game. We went to prayer meeting. Everyone was asking Nina about her eye. Brother Byron had to do a double take when he got up and saw her eye. After we went over the requests, he came over and asked her if she was going to be okay.

Afterwards, we went to Nina's for a little get together for Rachel and Sarah. They were leaving the next morning to go back to Arkansas. We had pizza and played two games of Cranium. The family edition is different. It's easier and bit different. There's "stunt double" where you had to do something. On one of them, Kevin had to make a hoop out of the clay while Nina and Sarah had to throw at least three cubes through it. It was fun.

Over all ... it was an interesting day.

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