Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting caught in funny places

This morning, after our orchestra number, I tried to put my clarinet down. It didn't get very far. A single strand of my hair was stuck to the ligature. I pulled on my clarinet a few times, and it was still stuck. Only one strand. ONE strand. So, I pulled on the one strand, and it broke ... leaving about an inch on the ligature. This reminded me of the many different things and times that my hair gets stuck in weird places.

One time, I was leaning into an open car window to talk to a friend. When I leaned back out, he had rolled his window up and caught some of my hair in it. Another time, I was leaning against my car and talking to my friends. When I started to walk away, I didn't take more than a step. A few strands of my hair was stuck along the window frame. I don't know how. But it was.

I was leaning against the side of the refrigerator at home, watching TV, and doing something. I don't recall what. Might have been homework. My mom opened the fridge to get something and closed it. I leaned forward... and realized when she open and closed the fridge, it got some of my hair caught! I hollered to my mom to open the fridge to get me loose. That has to be the weirdest one.

Blow Dryer
Ever since this incident, I have rarely used a blow dryer on my hair. Our blow dryer has like a grill in the back of it. I was drying my hair, and then I felt this big tug and the smell of something burning. My hair had gotten stuck in the grill. Ever since then, I've rarely used a dryer.

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