Friday, January 02, 2009

Is my head still on?

Because it got bit off twice today at work... within seconds of each other!

Around one o'clock this afternoon, I was taking a return and exchange. Simple right? Well, except the daughter of the customer presented a little flier for a promotion that was already over. She argued with me that the flier said it was good till the end of December. Unfortunately for her, that promotion only lasted a day before the company changed it to a different promotion. She tried to argue again that the associate who rang her mother up on Wednesday forgot to apply the discount. I tried to tell her again that the promotion was already over. She said argued that her mother was in on Wednesday on the last day of the promotion. I told her again that the company ended that promotion a long time again. She argued that it was good till the 31st which wasn't a long time ago. Then she tries to explain this to me. I tried to stop her so she wouldn't waste her time and my time because the answer was the same. She wouldn't let me. She held up her hand and told me to listen. Thankfully one of the assistants took over and got her on the phone with customer service. While they were doing this, I went to get something for the girl's mom (the customer). While I was going to the fitting room, another customer stopped me and asked me a question. I gave her an answer (being no, we didn't have it) and continued into the fitting room. When I came back out with the items for the other customer, she stopped me again. I gave her the same answer (another no) and proceeded to go back to the register to go back to my customer that I was working with. The customer who stopped me goes, "Don't walk away! Nevermind. I don't want your help. That is so rude." The other assistant steps in and helps her. The entire time the customer was complaining on how rude I was being. (Here's my argument: First of all, I was helping another customer who needed my undivided attention. Second of all, I already answered her question. I guess I should've just told her that I was helping someone else and was unable to help her at the moment. Guess that's what happens when you try to help everyone.) I hand the items over to the customer, who wants more of the same item. So I go to the stock room to see if we have more. We didn't. The assistant is now helping the customers, so I walk away from the registers. I get called back to finish up with the customer.

Over, right?

Wrong. Their limit was only a thousand and their purchase was almost two thousand. I had already wrapped up a lot of the things for them. The daughter gets on the phone with customer service to see about increasing their credit limit. While she's doing this, I have to unwrap all the merchandise that I already wrapped up and bagged. She gets off the phone and says that they're in a hurry because she was going to be late for work. Maybe she should've thought about that earlier. Maybe instead of arguing with me and running around the store pulling things to buy, she shouldn't just found what they wanted and bought it instead of taking her sweet time. Because while I was ringing up the things they had already picked up, she was going around the store getting more things. She asks me if I could do it a little faster when I told her I was going to cancel the transaction and start over. It would be easier and faster to do that then to individually take items off. So, we sorted the piles into two. One they were going to put on hold. The other they were going to buy. Most of the things they put on hold were full-price items (since those were the only things they could hold). Most of the things they bought were sale. Then they added a few more full price items to get to the thousand dollar mark. And because they were in a hurry, she wanted to know how much the other stuff was going to be. I asked her to leave me her name and number and I would call her later with total.

As they were getting ready to leave (with three bags of stuff), she asked me for another bag. Mind you, we are only supposed to give the customers the bags for their things and that's it. I had already been nice and gave her a bag before the whole fiasco. And how does she say thanks? She nearly rips my head off. Then she turns back to Hyde and is sorta nice throughout the next forty minutes. Then she tries to get another bag off me?

What did I do after they left?

I went to Mod Mocha to get a slice of their incredibly delicous chocolate mousse.

No luck.

Haagen Daz it is!

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