Thursday, April 19, 2007

2007 All-Star

The All-Star ballot is up! And who's on it this year from the Dodgers? First off, RUSSELL MARTIN!!! Then there's Nomar Garciaparra, Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, Juan Pierre, Andre Ethier

Who did I vote for?
Catcher: Duh, my very own Dodger husband - Russell Martin
1st Base: Again, duh, Angelina's very own Dodger husband - Nomar Garciaparra
2nd Base: well, I decided to stick with our Dodgers, and voted for the old man, Jeff Kent
3rd Base: David Wright. Okay, I know he's a Met, but I like him. If I could have a Mets' husband, it would be DAVID WRIGHT.
Short-stop: Nina's Dodger husband (for now, until she trades him in for Brady Clark), Rafael Furcal
Outfielders: Andre Ethier (another Dodger), Shawn Green (I know, a Mets, but he was a Dodger once upon a time), and I wrote in Brady Clark.

Let's see who ends up on this year's All-Star team.

As for today's game, after last night's humiliating loss (2-7) against the Rockies, I had absolute confidence that the Dodgers would come back and win today's game. And did they? Yes they did! A whopping 8-1, including Russell's ninth RBI of the year. However, since he didn't get a hit (the RBI was on a sac fly), it ended his nine-game hitting streak. The same goes for Nomar's eight-game hitting streak.

Tomorrow, we play the Pirates. It's forecasted to rain, but hopefully the rain will either start after the game or end way before it. We could definitely use the rain though. It has been a very dry year for us so far. Too bad. I just wrote on my car windows again. Oh well. At least once the rain is done, my car will be clean(er) and I can write on my windows again. The inside has a running tab of Russie's home runs, stolen bases, and RBIs. Anything else I should add?

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