Saturday, April 28, 2007

The headaches keep on coming

First ... I got lost. Not terribly lost. I wasn't lost like I didn't know where I was lost. I was lost because I was going the wrong direction. In the end, with Angelina's help, I got to where I was going. Where as that? Walgreens. Why? To pick up pictures I sent to print. Good thing I didn't try to go before class this morning. I would've missed most of class. Then, since I was in Pasadena, I wanted to look for a new sketchbook journal. Sounds easy right? Not when you're as persnickety as I am. What kind was I looking for? Well... it had to be at least 8 x 10, hard cover, and blank pages. No lines. No binding. Why? Because it's for me to tape/paste my newspaper articles in. And after awhile, the book gets fatter from all the articles. It expands and a spiral notebook works better than a bound notebook. No lines because it's just for scrapbooking. And why didn't I want a scrapbook? Too expensive and not enough pages. Three stops later, I settled for a blank sketchbook. No spirals. Rats. On the bright side, I may have found someone to join us for Tuesday's game.

ONE MORE THING. Turns out, on May 19th, our class is going to be canceled and held on Thursday, May 17th instead. That means I can go to Woodlake for the Bible Bowl. Unfortunately, I didn't know ahead of time and I didn't request Friday off. So, I don't get off work till six on Friday. On top of that... I close on Thursday. So... maybe I can get someone to switch shifts with me. Maybe Jani will. Or whoever is closing Wednesday. I don't know. I'll talk to Tanzania about it either tomorrow or Monday. I wasn't planning on missing class for Woodlake, but it looks like in the end, I'll be missing class anyway.

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