Tuesday, April 03, 2007


That's the sound a small pile of stuff made as it landslided off my desk! It was mostly receipts, my checkbook, and some CDs. What caused this landslide? I moved my leg and the desk moved. And the movement therefore caused a sudden landslide. It almost happened last night too! My phone was on my desk and it was on vibrate. The phone started vibrating and set off another landslide - this time was mostly papers and stuff, which I was able to catch.

Now here is a picture update of the state of my room. Maybe Mayor Villaragoisa will declare it a state of national disaster and send in some rescue team to clear it up. Who knows, maybe my future husband is part of that recovery team. As you can tell, it's not that bad right now. All the clothes have either been hung up or put away in storage containers. Want to guess how many of those I've purchased within this last week? SIX. There's two in my brother's room, two in my closet, and two in my room. THE HORROR, THE HORROR!

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MsPoppins20 said...

Oh wow... I think you need to get your room under control! ;)