Sunday, April 08, 2007

Today's game

First inning - Pierre bunts, out. Russ gets a base hit. Nomar gets thrown out at first, Russ gets to second. Kent gets walked. Gonzalez out.
End of first - Dodgers 0, Giants 1

Second inning - Martinez picks up a run, tying the game.
End of second - Dodgers 1, Giants 1

Third inning - Russ first to bat. Another base hit for Russie. Two for two.
End of third - Dodgers 1, Giants 1

Fourth inning - Homerun for Gonzo!
End of fourth- Dodgers 2, Giants 1

Fifth inning - Russ was hit! :-( But since he swung, the empire called it a strike and he's out.
End of fifth - Dodgers 2, Giants 1

Sixth inning - Kent's up to bat. The announcer called said, the kumbaya love fest between giants' fans and Kent was going on, and you'd think the statute of limitations would be up by now. It's been five years since kent played for the giants. Dodgers score! Kent scores! Kemp scores, Gonzo scores! The lead is now up to 5-1! Martinez makes a sacrifice fly down the center, Valdez scores the fourth run of the inning!
End of sixth- Dodgers 6, Giants 1

Seventh inning - Russ is walked. Barry Zito is taken out and replaced by Brad Hennessy. Double steal! Pierre steals third, Russ steals second. Russ' first steal of the year! Gonzo hits another homerun! Russ scores! Randy Wolf is replaced by Chad Billingsly, Gonzo is replaced by Brady Clark. Pedro Feliz hits a home run for the Giants, giving them two runs. It's okay, guys. We're still ahead by six.
End of seventh - Dodgers 9-3

Eighth inning - Russ flies out.
End of eighth - Dodgers 9-4

Ninth inning - Dodgers score another one. Bottom of ninth: Wilson Betemit comes out on third, Martinez (I think) gets moved to second, relieving Kent. Jonathan Broxton comes out to close.
End of game - Dodgers 10-4

Today's game:
Ten runs, fifteen base hits. Two stolen base. Two homeruns. Won four games in a row. Won eight games in a row against the Giants at AT&T.

Russ stats: as of yesterday

Add today's game:
SB: +1
R: +2
H: +2

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