Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two Dodgers in two weeks!

This morning, I got up at 6:15 AM just to meet Andre Ethier! By the time I left the house, the first person was already at Living Spaces. First things first, since it was so early, Starbucks run! Thank goodness I filled up my tank last night ... as cold as it was. Anyway, picked up the LADs (L.A. Dodgeraholics, as I will be calling the group for short) and we were off at seven. Well, just a little bit before. Anyway, we got there about 7:25 and there was hardly anyone there! Okay, so the thing didn't open till ten. There were about ten people in front of us (one of them being an Angels fan). We chatted with them. They brought out some free coffee around nine. By then, the line had grown and started to wrap around the building. We were the first 15, so we couldn't see how long the line was. And a catering truck arrived for a little bit and sold food. They opened the doors and led us through a bunch of recliners and made us wait about fifteen minutes before Andre showed up. They gave us shiny blue (ok aqua) wristbands and free t-shirts. When they were handing out the wristbands, the dude who was standing over Russell last week was there again. He saw us and said he thought we looked familiar. Andre comes in, waves to the crowd. The dude was crankier than last time. He said, "no hugs this time." Andre was kinda said and disappointed that he won't be able to be closer to the fans. I think that's what he said. Dude said, "you'll thank me later." No hugs. Rats. One of the girls in front of us had Andre sign her shirt. Ten people later, it's our turn!

We went in the same order as we did last time. I handed my glasses to Andre. He said, "hey, how are you doing?" I was soooo nervous. I had no clue what to say. I think more nervous now than last week. I said, good how are you? I mentioned that I missed him at PCC. He said, "You got me right here." He was sooo nice! He started every signing with "hey, how are you?" I have to admit, he was so much nicer. Then again, we were the first fifteen not the one hundredth and thirtieth. Next up, Angelina Garciaparra! She wanted Andre to sign the same baseball. Andre turned around, I guess looking for where to sign. He sees Russell's autograph and says, "oh hey, that's my man right here." Next up, Nina ... uh... uh... Furcal(?), but she wants to trade him in for Brady Clark. She handed him a picture, that I took from the Rockies' game on 4/11. He said, "hey, where did you get this?" Nina told him, "my friend took it from a game." He's like, "oh that's cool." Then he made a comment about the picture, like about his rear. Nina couldn't hear what he said. It was kinda muffled. It might've been "that's my rear" or "nice rear" or "so, you like my rear?" Anyway, it was funny whatever it was. He was kinda laughing afterwards. What's with the players laughing at Nina? Russell laughed at her too about the sunglasses. He didn't make a comment to me about mine. He told Kevin and Harold, "what's up?" We just called Kevin, and we think he said, "Nice picture of my rear." LOL!!!!

I don't know of any future signings besides Living Spaces in Rancho Cucamonga in May. Oh, get this! When we got outside and getting our hot dogs, we were hanging around the KFWB booth, the lady goes, "anyone want free tickets?" So, we got five free tickets to Tuesday night's game!

Do you think we're insane yet?

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