Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coffee boy has a name

It's another Juan!

Since I didn't see a copy of the L.A. times on my lawn this morning, I needed to get another newspaper. I went to the little mini-mart in the mall. 54 cents! Are you kidding me? Why do you feel the need to charge and extra 4 cents for tax? Anyway, I went to Gloria Jean's to get this week's mocha. Coffee boy saw the newspaper I was holding and asked me if I was going to use the rest of it. I had already pulled out the sports section and found Russie's picture! I asked him if he would like the crossword puzzle. He took the calendar section before I could grab my favorite comics. I asked the other lady what was his name, and she told me, Juan. Yay! After a year and half, I finally learn his name!


MsPoppins20 said...

Oh Linda... you have so many "boys" that I can't keep track of them all!

I do read your blog. Although I will admit that I do get a little backed up with my blog-reading when it comes down to me finishing my homework or reading blogs. And the game recaps... I glance at them, but my eyes sorta start to glass over after a few minutes. I'm sorry.

Falling LEAVes said...

LOL no problem Melina. The game recaps are mainly cuz I don't want to start up another blog just for Russie. Too many blogs to keep track of. Believe me, a year ago, I couldn't care less if the Dodgers were winning, cuz that just meant more traffic for me, who lives in their shadow