Thursday, April 05, 2007

He's gone and done it ... he's broken my heart

Not really. You can't break something you've never had, right?

I was looking Russ up on L.A. Times to see if there were any new images or articles and lo and behold... he was in today's Times. Funny thing was, I had considered picking up a copy this morning when I was at Walgreens. Somehow, I missed the article in italics: Dodgers' Young Catcher is Catching On. WHAT? I didn't see it? Anyway, I ran out to find a copy (mind you, it's about 11:20PM when I discovered this). There was only one place I could go... Starbucks. But then, I knew they'd be closed already. But that's ok. There was also a CVS there and a Ralphs. I didn't even have to go in to either of them. They had a newspaper machine outside that still has some in them. Grabbed two quarters, stuck them in, got my paper and went home. Did I read the article in the paper? Yeah, but online.

Why is my heart broken? Russ just lost TEN points. What for? Getting a tattoo. No big deal, right? Still.... And you know you're crazy when you run out at 11:20 at night just to get a newspaper, right? I need help guys.

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