Saturday, April 21, 2007



For those of you who missed it... RUSSELL MARTIN (!!!!!!!!!!!!) hit his first grand slam of his career, winning the Dodgers game, 7-3 in the bottom of the tenth inning!!!

I missed all but the last inning of the game. Well, okay, last half! I got off work and was wondering why I didn't get my Dodger update yet. The game was still going on at 10! That's why! They were tied, 3-3, at the top of the tenth inning. Since it wasn't broadcasted on any channel that I may have at home, I raced over to Nina's to watch the last inning. Things weren't looking too good with one out in the bottom of the tenth inning. With one man on base, I was like, please don't hit into a double play. Nomar gets out. Pierre almost gets tagged out. Phew. Kent gets on base. Two men. No double plays, okay, boys? Gonzo gets walked. Here comes my man. I told my friends, bases loaded, here's his chance to hit a grand slam. And what does my baby do? Hit a grand slam!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow's newspaper. Russell's the game's MVP again! Even though the only hit he got was at his last at-bat... but that was the ONE that count. Yeah baby! We were laughing at the replay cause you can see Andre Ethier running around home plate. We were like, he must be going "that's my man! that's my man!" See previous blog about the autograph signing with Ethier. And then he's on the outside of the circle, lol. Man ... if Russ doesn't make the front page of the Sports section... what does a guy have to do these days to make the front page?

Quotes of the day: (may not be verbatim) At that point, the Dodgers would've been happy with a fly ball. They got one. A 405 feet fly ball.

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