Monday, April 16, 2007

Today's game

Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks
Final score : 5 -1, Dodgers record : 9 -4, Diamondbacks: 9-5, putting the Dodgers ahead of the D-backs by half a game, again.

Top of 2nd - Martin doubles, Ethier singles. Martin scores on Betemit's sacrifice fly.
Bottom of 3rd - great diving catch by Ethier
Bottom of 4th - great play by the Dodgers - Gonzo to Furcal to Martin, who blocks the plate and tags out the runner!
Top of 5th - Nomar hits his first home run of the season!
Bottom of 5th - Russ catches a foul ball. Vin Scully (?) makes a comment about the first thing a catcher learns is not to take off his mask so quickly because it then becomes a liability. In the replay, he comments on how Russ drops the mask behind him and is aware of where it is. That's my R-Mart!
Bottom of 6th - Russ almost throws out a runner attempting to steal third. At first, it looked like he did. He looks like he thought he should have. Grady Little goes out to talk with the ump about the call. I guess Betemit didn't make contact.
Top of 7th - Penny slides into second base, but is out anyway. In the meanwhile, he takes out the second baseman too. LOL. It was quite funny. No one thought it was a dirty play trying to help Furcal get to first. The second baseman didn't even look like he was going to try to make a double play. Scully said Penny's a big man and there weren't any brakes on the truck. LOL. And the second baseman even got up with a smile on his face. The bases are full, and Kent gets hit a pitch. He gets awarded first and Raffy scores, awarding Kent a RBI. Bases are still full. Up comes Gonzo. Here's his chance to get back at the organization that let him go. He strikes out. Russ comes up and strikes out again. After the second inning, Russ doesn't get another hit.
Bottom of 7th - great double play - Raffy backhands it, throws it to Kent who barehands it, who throws it to Nomar!
Top of 8th - Ethier is awarded first base (catcher's interference) but then is caught stealing. Tsk tsk.

Let's go Dodgers! The schedule is as follows:
Diamondbacks again tomorrow, then they fly out for two games against the Rockies (who they just faced last week!), and then come home to play the Pirates and the Gnats (I mean Giants).

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