Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hooray! I've got a two for two record going on. I've only been to two games and they've won them both! On my way to the stadium, I was like, "man, I'm gonna go stupid-crazy tonight." That's what a sports reporter said when he interviewed Russ. He used that phrase when they were talking about the MAGICAL night when Russ hit the third of the four consecutive home runs. He said, after Russ hit the third home run, the crowd went "stupid-crazy." Which, is the perfect term for me.

I got off work at 7, got to my car about 7:03, got off the freeway at 7:18, and got in the stadium just in time for Russ' first at-bat. Crazy, i know. Juan and Shelley couldn't believe I've only been to one game. And it was only one game that it took to create a monster out of me. Yup. One game. Why? I have no clue. I drove like crazy to get to Dodger Stadium, which is only ten minutes from work or so. When I got there, got a parking spot real quick in Lot 4. Spent a minute (which felt more like five) searching for my ticket. It was in the backseat with this morning's newspaper. Russ was on the cover of the Sports section! Sherisse called me, the Dodgers were at-bat and I was rushing across the parking lot. I got to the stands just as Russ was up to bat! Good timing! LOL I was so focused on Russ that I barely heard Isaiah say hi to me. Poor thing. Man, I wish I could've had a laptop or something to write up tonight's summary. Top of the second inning, Brad Penny made an awesome dive to catch a bunt. Ouch. He went face first into the ground. Good catch though.

The game was scoreless till the bottom of the third, with two outs. Pierre gets on first, moves to second when Martin gets on. Then they pull off ANOTHER double steal. They did this once already. So, Martin gets his third steal of the season (out of three tries!). He's a third of the way of beating last year's 10 steals. Go Russ! Okay, Nomar hits a single which Pierre and Russ score on. Russ tried to slide and ended up rolling into home. Quite funny. Wish I had my camera ready then to take the pic. We get the last score in, and no one else scores for the rest of the six innings. Insane. Nomar gets to go to second on a balk, and scores when Jeff Kent comes up to bat.

Our seats were in the "All You Can Eat" Right Field Pavilion. Man, I love these seats. Not only are we close to the field, but we don't have to pay for food (being Dodger dogs, peanuts, popcorn, and soda). There was this one guy who always brought back four or more hot dogs (as many as they'd let him) and wave them around and toss them to people. He'd be like, "who wants a hot dog?" and toss them to who it was who wanted one. The guys behind us were cool, but the guys in front of us weren't. Sherisse warned me that they were cheering for the Rockies. One of them was a Rockies fan, but the other guys didn't know a thing about baseball. At one point, the guys behind us started talking about how good my camera was. I guess he saw some of the pics I was taking. I think it was mine. LOL. You'll see what I'm talking about. Sherisse said the guys in front rolled their eyes whenever we started cheering (which was a lot, especially if Russ was up, we'd get louder). When Brady Clark came in for Andre Ethier, the guys behind us decided to start cheering for Clark. They were saying "we love you Clark" and "go Clark!" One of them goes, "what's his first name?" I tell them, "Brady." The guy tells me thanks and pats me on the back. Interesting. In the last two innings or so, we started just cheering for Clark whenever he was in the outfield. We changed it up from "Brady" to "Clark" to "Three." It was fun. Dude, next Dodger game I go to, we are totally sitting in the Right Field Pavilion and I hope those guys are there again. And the guy giving away the hot dogs. LOL. At the top of the ninth, with two outs to go, we stood up and made some noise. Since the Dodgers were ahead, 3-0, with two outs, they were on the last out of the game. Sammy Saito pitching and you knew this was it. Game over.

At the end of the game, they showed Russ on the big screen. I was like... is he crying? It looked like he was wiping something off his cheeks. Tears? Hehe he's such an emotional guy. No wonder I love him so much! BTW Russ, will you marry me? LOL j/k well sorta. Man, so far I can't find a copy of that interview. I wish we had TiVo so I can save it. Man.

Total number of beach balls on the field? I think three.
Total number of pictures taken? 259
Total number of videos? 6
The pictures divided by players:
Right Fielder, #16 - Andre Ethier - 19
Right Fielder, #3 - Brady Clark - 22
Dodger game (most random pics that didn't fit in anywhere else) - 18
Friends - 17
First baseman, #5 - Nomar Garciaparra - 31
Catcher, #55 (and the love of my life) - Russell Martin - 152

I'm tried of dealing with Blogger's issues with pictures. So if you want to see more, I'll try to upload them to Bebo very soon.

Russ' stats for the night: one run scored (stop, drop, and roll baby!), one base stolen

The first picture is from our seats in the "All You Can Eat" Right Field Pavilion. Which means, we get a nice view of our right fielders (Andre Ethier and Brady Clark)

This isn't from tonight's game, but awesome play by Russ! It's from the Giants' game

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