Friday, April 20, 2007

Rain, rain, go away...

Well, it's about six o'clock and the game starts in another hour and forty minutes. So far, the rain as let up. How do I know? Well... I do live in Elysian Valley in the shadows of Elysian Hills, where, guess what? Dodgers' Stadium is located. LOL. I live probably less than ten minutes away from Dodger Stadium. In fact, if fans haven't started packing the freeway yet, I may attempt to get on the 110 to get to Chinatown to pick up my mom in a few minutes. Anyway, when I got up this morning around 9:30 (thank you mr. man at the door), it was drizzling. Since it was supposed to rain today, I ran out and took down my Dodger flag from my car. The "Think Blue" and "Go Russell" I wrote on my car last night is still on my windows. Though, they appear more white than blue. So, if you see a silver/gray/green looking car driving back with (or without) the Dodger flag, and writings on the car, that's a me! On the driver's side, if you look closely enough, there are little home plates with dates in them. RBIs. On the passenger side, just squares that are supposed to be bases. Stolen bases. LOL. I know. I'm a nut. Anyway, when I got home about an hour and half ago ... it was still light drizzle. But by now, it has stopped. I was wondering if the game was still on. Who knows. Looks like it. Well, I'm headed off to fight Dodger traffic and I will be listening to KFWB while I'm in the car. More later! Ooh. LOL I just wanted to give a shout-out to Ernest who added me to his blogroll. Awesome! LOL ... I hope he knows that my blog isn't meant to be a Dodger blog, but that's kinda where it's focused around right now ... seeing that we're sixteen or so games into the season. GO BLUE!

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