Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lost points

So, because our new assistant manager was watching the training videos in the stock room, I decided to go out for my break today. I went to Gloria Jean's and he was working today. He wore a beanie to cover his head. He dyed his hair orange last week. MINUS FIVE POINTS. Doesn't look good at all. While I was waiting for my drink, he came over and was cutting the cross word puzzle (for himself) and Sudoku (for his coworker) out of the newspaper. He said it was to pass time. (Add a point - he likes crossword puzzles - don't ask me why he gets points for that). After I got my drink, I sat down at a table. He walked past me to go on his break. MINUS FIFTEEN POINTS. He was going to take a smoke. He smokes???? oooh boy ... he lost a lot of points for that. But who's counting?

Let's see... Russ lost points for having a tattoo. Coffee Boy lost points for smoking... not doing too well are we here. That's okay. Guys. Who needs them? SIGH. DON'T ANSWER THAT! Just leave a comment, lol. Hopefully we don't get some huge debate like the sibling rivalry war.

What else has a point system besides guys? Skirts.

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