Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was right. No pictures in the newspaper. There was an article in the LA times. Still, I was hoping for a picture! Anyway, that's what the internet is for. Also ... wow! I'm up to 88 visitors! How cool is that. LOL. Can't wait to hit that 100 mark! And finally... the most visitors I've received on a day was six ... now it's up to eight! I'm excited. Sorta. Even though no one leaves comments, at least I know people are "looking" at my blog. Makes it sorta feel... worthwhile? So, I know I'm a crazy lady. Oh well. Guess I'm just looking for ... I dunno... justification? Personally, as a writer, I need to know that I am writing for something. I guess. Or maybe I just write to write. Who knows. Certainly not me.

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