Monday, April 23, 2007

At last...

No, my love has not come along (Ella Fitzgerald song I think).

At last! We fixed our internet connection. The house phone is disconnected for now, but that's what cell phones are for, right? So, we moved the modem and the new router I bought today to my brother's room. We had something to split our one phone jack from one line to two. We discovered that if the phone line is plugged into the jack, our internet works fine.

Before, the following websites wouldn't work: myspace, one of my credit cards, mycheckfree, and other sites. And, I couldn't upload pictures on Bebo or make any changes to my profile or stuff like that. Plus, lately, the Dodgers' website hasn't been working either. My Windows Messenger / MSN messenger stopped working too!

Ta-da! Everything works now! Man, I wish I had done this years ago. Ever since we got DSL and the router, our internet has been weird. I am so glad I got fed up with it. The Dodgers' website not working was the last straw!

So, this morning, my cousin took a ten minute shower just as I was about to get up and go brush my teeth and get ready for work. When he came out, I was standing outside cuz I only had fifteen minutes to get to work. Well, let's just say I barely made it to work on time. The first thing I said to a customer? "Good morning, are you looking for summers for sandal?" Wait a minute, back up. Let me rephrase myself. Sigh. I needed a mocha. I got one, but Juan wasn't there. He was on his break. So, I went back later after I got off. I asked him if he needed any more crossword puzzles. He said they got today's and were almost done with it. He even showed it to me. I told him, well, since I get the newspaper now, I have last week's crossword puzzles. He said, "thanks! high five!" LOL. Today has been following suit with the last couple of days. Lots of returns, not a lot of purchases. We went from being in the hole, to having nine dollars in, to back in the hole at -4.50. It's been a difficult selling week.

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