Monday, April 30, 2007

Still stuck...

... with an extra ticket.

Russell isn't playing tonight! I heard it on KFWB's pregame show. While I was at work. Hehe. I got lucky again. My assistant manager wanted me to work on shipment once the night associate came in. SO, I have a FM/AM radio in my purse. I bought a small one at WalGreens on Saturday with the intention of listening to the game on Sunday and at the Dodger games. It's more interesting to watch the game when you hear what's going on.

Anyway, I kept it in my purse from yesterday. Plus, the game started after I got off work. I intended to turn it on as I was making my way to the car. Well, since I was in the stock room, I pulled it out and listened to the Dodger pre-game show. Hehe I even got to hear A. Martinez talk to Russell. He was supposed to have one of the next two days off anyway.

Here's Russell's standings as of yesterday:
Among Dodgers:
Walks: Leads with 13
Strike outs: unfortunately, leads with 13
Stolen bases: second behind Pierre's 12Runs: second, behind Juan Pierre, who has 21 (Russell has 17). Pierre has two more games than Russell does.
Runs Batted In: Second, one run behind Nomar
Doubles: Tied for second with Kent (Garciaparra has one more than both of them)
Home runs: Tied for third with Kent (behind Gonzalez and Ethier)
Batting Averge: third, after Kent and Garciaparra (if you don't count Kemp)
On base percentage: fourth after Wolf, Kemp, and Kent. (LOL, second if you don't count Kemp or Wolf)
Hits: Fourth (behind Pierre (31), Garciaparra (31), and Kent(30). Russell has 27)

Put Outs : Second, behind Garciaparra
Total Chances: Second, behind Garciaparra
Errors: Unfortunately, leads with four

Among National League Catchers
Games: tied for first with McCann (Atl), Schneider (Wsh)
Runs: leading with 17, six ahead of Estrada (Mil)
Hits: leading with 27, three ahead of Estrada and McCann
Runs batted in: leading with 18, one ahead of Barrett
Total bases: Leading with 40, two ahead of McCann
Walks: Leading with 13, two ahead Schneider
Stolen bases: Leading with 5, four ahead of ofive other catchers
At bats: second behind Olivo (Fla) by four
Doubles: one behind Estrada, McCann, and Molina (SF)
On base percentage: second behind Laforest (SD) who's only been in six games versus Marin's 23 games. Laforest is .421 while Russell is .398
Slugging: second behind Castro, who's only been in ten games with .600 slugging average versus Russell's .465 slugging average with 23 games
Average: second behind Bennett (STL) who has .381 with eight games, versus Russell's .314 and 23 games.
Home runs: Tied for third with McCann, Montero (Ari), one behind Castro (NYM), and two behind Barrett (CHC)
Strike outs: Fifth, nine behind Olivo. One category we don't mind him not leading in

He's thrown out seven out of twelve base stealing attempts. Only Paulino (PIT, who played 19 games, started in all but one) has more. He's caught eight. Okay, I'm confused. I'm looking at the stats and not sure how to read them.

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