Thursday, April 05, 2007

Three down, over a hundred to go

Three games down. So far the Dodgers are 1-2. Russ is leading the team with the most at-bats. He's just one at-bat above Juan Pierre. I wish I could've watched/taped/listened to today's game. Our TV isn't hooked up to the VCR, so I can't tape it. Wish we had TiVo. My lunch break was at five, so I got to listen to the first fifteen minutes or so of the game. Enough to hear Russ get thrown out at first at his first at-bat. I'm looking at the game stats and the season stats right now. Too bad I don't know what all those abbreviations mean. I know most of them, just not all of them. Besides Brady Clark and Olmedo Saenz (they've only had two at-bats), Russ is leading the team in averages, at .308. Hey, it's only been three games.
Anyone better at this than I am? I'm quite new to being a baseball/Dodger fan.
So it goes:
G- Games
AB- At-bats
R- Runs
H - Hits
2B - Doubles
3B - Triples
HR - Home-runs
RBI- Runs batted in
And here's where I run into trouble: BB? TB? What about LOB? that was on the game recap. SO is my guess, Strike Outs.
OBP - On-Base Percentation
SLG - ?
AVG- Duh, their overall average

How did Russie do in today's game? First inning, he grounds out. Third inning, he singled and then scored on Jeff Kent's double. Fifth inning, he grounds out. Seventh inning, he gets walked. Ninth inning, he strikes out again. He did that yesterday too. Hmm he probably shouldn't start ninth then, huh?

Their next game is Friday night, 7:15 PST, against the San Francisco Gnats, I mean Giants. Hehe. They play the Giants this weekend before coming home to Dodger Stadium! Gotta love the traffic that's gonna cause. In case some of you didn't know, the exit I take when I get off the 5 freeway southbound is the EXACT same exit most people take to go to Dodger Stadium. Then when I'm trying to get to Chinatown, if I decide to take the freeway, it's the same freeway everyone else takes to get to Dodger Stadium. Then if I take the streets, it's the same sidestreets the other people decide to take to Dodger Stadium. So, then what are my choices? Stay home on Dodger game days! Which isn't a problem, except I usually have to pick up my mom around 6-7 in Chinatown.

One time, I tried to cut across Elysian Hills (that's where Dodger Stadium is located) and it took me over an hour to get to Chinatown. It was Opening Day and the Dodger game just let out. Oops. I forgot. This was all before I became a Dodger fan. Before then, I HATED Dodger games. More specifically, I hated the traffic it caused. It's so much easier to be a fan when you don't have to deal with the traffic on a daily basis.

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