Sunday, April 01, 2007

Somebody shoot me

... and put me out of my misery. LOL, okay, so I'm not that miserable. Actually, if you shoot our lead sales associate, you'd put me and Sherisse out of our misery. The last couple times I have had to work with her on Sunday, I don't get any sales. She hogs them and takes sales away from the house. Now, if she distributed house sales like the other managers do, then fine. Because, like today, we are busy with something and unable to fully assist customers. We do what we can to help them, but not like if we weren't occupied with something else.

Today, I came in at three and already the store was a mess. Sundays are pretty busy. Today was definitely no exception. Poor Joyce (she's our 63-year-old assistant manager) was marking down things in missy. Mariam was standing at the cashwrap (where else would she be?), marking down the jewelry. Now. If it was me marking down jewelry, or anyone else, we'd be standing at the jewelry fixture marking them down. Not taking them off the jewelry fixture and laying them down on the cashwrap. Our old store manager would never let anyone hang out at the cashwrap. That has become Mariam's favorite hang out spot. There were afew go-backs in missy, not a big deal. But in petite... there were go backs hanging on the cube and on the side of the H-rack. Immediately I knew who was going to end up doing most of those. Me. And guess what? I did. More later.

I took my time punching in. Joyce immediately sent me up front to clean, do the go-backs, and recover the missy department. Then she handed me a red pen and told me to start marking things down. She had one scanner, Mariam had the other. So I went to the office to get the other one. I noticed the CD player was on, but the speakers weren't. So I turned that on. The first thing I noticed when I started to mark things down was that Joyce only handed me a red pen. We have things left over the a "transitional" sale, which was marked in green. I asked her, do I mark it in green or red? She called another store and said yes, mark it in green. So I had a red pen and a green pen stuck in my ponytail the whole night. LOL i just checked right now to see if they were still there (11:47, almost exactly four hours since I got off).

Throughout the day, Mariam complained that the store was messy, and that no one was checking the fitting rooms. The area behind the cash wrap was a mess. The petite section was a mess. There was a ton of petite go backs. So much that during her break, I took the empty rolling rack from the missy section and dragged it to petites and put all the go-backs on there. It stayed full for the rest of the night. Joyce and I were busy marking down missy and trying to keep that relatively neat. Relatively being the key word. If you break down the space alloted in our store, it would be 10% shoes and accessories, 55% missy, and 35% petite. We were doing our best to keep our go-backs down to a minimum. What was Mariam doing besides ringing up customers? Occasionally putting a few things back in petite.

Originally, I was scheduled to get off at 7. That would've given me time to go home, freshen up, change into something more comfortable, and pick up Sherisse. We were having a "going-away" dinner for our assistant manager, Jeiza. When I got to work, Joyce asked me if I could stay till 7:30 to help recover the store. She had to change the sale banners to announce the further reductions we just marked, and Mariam had to close the registers. Sherisse called and asked me if I wanted her to meet me at hte mall. A little before 7:30, I had barely finished the missy go-backs, and still had petite to do. I had fifteen minutes to clear the rolling rack of petite go-backs and straighten petites. Something that MARIAM should have done when she wasn't hanging out at the cash-wrap.

Thank goodness (thank you Tanzi) that I have the new two days off. And I get paid for a full shift tomorrow! Yay for holiday pay.

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