Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gooooo RUSS!!!

The MVP of today's game!

Rightly deserved. The Dodgers barely won today's game, 2-1. The first run was scored by Russ. The second one scored when Russ hit a sacrifice fly. Ooh don't forget about the base he stole, which helped put him in scoring position on Nomar's single! In the bottom of the fourth inning, he got another hit and was in scoring position. The bases were loaded and they were left stranded. At Martin's last at bat, he hit a sacrifice fly that let Betemit score, putting the Dodgers ahead.

Now, defensively... there was the double play with the bases loaded. Oooh I think it was Holliday... he wasn't too happy about that. He shredded his batting glove and then put the remains in his pocket. There was another play during the fifth inning, but I wasn't home yet to watch it. Basically, he threw out the last out for the inning. But according to the person's blog I was reading, it was a good play. Top of the eighth inning was when the double play happened and yes, it was Holliday.

After the game, we got ready to go to Target to buy a couple birthday gifts. I came to the conclusion about the two runs the Dodgers got today had to do with Russ. Kevin just gave me this look that said I was crazy and out of my mind. Right after I was explaining that to Kevin, Nina told me that Russ was just announced as the player of the game for tonight. Duh! He's the reason the Dodgers won!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's game. At least I'll get to hear the beginning of it as I'm making my way to Dodger Stadium. Hehe. I get off work at 7 and the first pitch is at 7:10. Shelley and Juan arranged this outing. We got seats in the Right Field Pavilion, which is not the "All You Can Eat" section. Nice. I'll be plenty hungry lol just getting off work. Though hot dogs aren't a big favorite of mine, I'll have a my first Dodger Dog at a Dodger game tomorrow. Some guy ate 18 of them at Opening Day. Yecch. My thing is I'm usually more thirsty than hungry most of the time.

Can you believe I'm only going to my second Dodger game? You see, it's easier to be a Dodger fan when you don't have to put up with their gameday traffice. So, for years, I never liked the Dodgers. Then after my first Dodger Game, on September 2nd, against the Colorado Rockies, with Brad Penny pitching against Aaron Cook. They won, 15-4. The highlights from that day's game included Garciaparra's three-run home run in the third inning, the major league debut of James Loney (who hit a home run), and JD Drew (who's now with the Red Sox) hit a home run in the fifth inning.

Guess what the game tomorrow is? The Dodgers vs. the Rockies, with Brad Penny starting. Interesting coincidence, huh? Jason Hirsch is the Rockies' pitcher for tomorrow. Angelina thinks its interesting that I've only been to one game my entire life. It's interesting considering I've lived under the shadow of Dodger Stadium for years. Speaking of which, I better look up when they're having fireworks so I know not to try to go to bed early. I've done that before, where I tried to go to bed around 10, only to get waken up by fireworks half an hour later.

Anyway, I'm excited about tomorrow night's game. Maybe if we're lucky, with the seats we have, maybe one of us will catch a home run! Too bad I'll be missing Lost.

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