Friday, April 20, 2007

It's always greener on the other side

Well, in this case ... the sky's bluer on the other side. While I was driving home, on the Downtown side of Dodger Stadium, the clouds are dark and gloomy. On the other hand, on the L.A. River side of Dodger Stadium, the clouds are not as heavy. You can actually see the blue sky!

So, today has been quite a day. I picked up Sarah (after stopping to pick up an umbrella at Walgreens) and then we went Angelina in Pasadena. She got to the parking structure just before we did. So, she waited in her car for us. We all had blue umbrellas. Quite a coincidence. It was raining, drizzling, as we walked around Pasadena. It lightened up enough at one point that we didn't need our umbrellas. But started again so we did need them. On the way to Barnes and Noble, we had to step over some running water. I guess Sarah misjudged the depth, because she stepped in it, and the water went over her left foot! We went to Barnes and Noble, got some coffee, shopped around. We left, but then had to go back. The cashier charged me full-price for my book, and gave Angelina the same book for the bargain price. Then we went to Forever 21, and I picked out a pair of sunglasses for Andre to sign, and another pair to give to Nina. Then we went to H&M, where I found a cute skirt and a pink sweater. It's a really pale pink! Bright colors like pink, orange, and yellow are colors that I absolutely cannot wear. So, I was excited to find this pink one! Sorry, Ernest! Didn't I warn you that this isn't an everything Dodgers blog? LOL. Afterwards, we went to Johnny Rockets and then onto the Galleria for Sarah to turn in her application. It was raining during the drive, but mostly stopped by the time we left the Galleria.

Here you go Ernest. Onto the Dodgers! Anyone watching the game tonight on KCAL... can you leave me a comment about who won today's text poll? The question today is, who is the best positional player from Canada? A. Russell Martin. B. Jason Bay. C. Justin Morneau. Already Russ is ahead with 84% of the vote. LOL, the sportscasters on the pregame show, Eric, was saying how every pregame show, it's Russell Martin this, Russell Martin that. Let's make him a Hall of Famer already. LOL. I agree with you there! LOL Juan just called to say he's at the Dodger game, right behind the plate. He says he's so close he could be a pinch hitter. But unfortunately, he doesn't have a camera. I told him, hey, I live close enough to Dodger Stadium, I would've lent him mine. But then I'd need it back in time for tomorrow's autograph signing.

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