Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today's Dodger Game

First Inning: Score 0-0
Dodgers at bat - Pierre thrown out at first. Russ makes it to first. Nomar flies out. Kent makes it to first.
Brewers at bat - Wolf hits Weeks. Russ and Nomar go for a pop fly, Nomar taking it, nearly colliding into Russ, with Wolf near by. You can sorta hear him yelling, to warn them from colliding. The announcer said Wolf needs to yell louder. Third out - Russ grabs the grounder and throws it to Nomar.

Second Inning:
Dodgers at bat - when Wolf is up at the plate, you hear a fan yelling "No wonder the Phillies traded you."
Brewers at bat - first run of the game. Announcer: "Maybe that's why Ned Yosh doesn't like the bunt. The Breweres aren't very good at it." After Capuano strikes out, bunting.

Third Inning:
Dodgers at bat - Pierre walked. Martin doubles, Pierre scores (1 RBI for Russ), turns around, falls, and goes back to second. Nomar doubles, sending Martin home (1 RBI for Nomar). The Dodgers take a one point lead, with back-to-back doubles. Kent flies out.
Brewers at bat - Fielder hits a homerun, tying the game, clearing the left-center wall. Estrada hit by a pitch (second hit of the game). Great play by Martin - threw the ball to Kent, who threw the ball back to Martin, ending the third inning

Fourth Inning: Score still tied at 2
Dodgers at bat - one, two, three - you're out
Brewers at bat- Wolf slips on the grass, threw from his knees, and throws Hart out at first. Another 1-2-3 inning as Wolf earns his third strike out.

I had to leave after the fourth inning to play family taxi. While I was on the way to pick up my brother, my Russie hit a home run! I was at the light at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Dodger Stadium Way when it happened and I let out a couple whoops of joy. LOL the car next to me must have thought I was nuts

Russ - three hits, two RBIs, one home run! - went three for five. First home-run of the season.
Today was a good day for Russie!

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